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September 29, 2020

10 Most Dangerous & Beautiful Airports in the World

  1. Lukla airport Nepal

Just a few kilometers away from Kathmandu lies the most beautiful yet dangerous airport that ranks on the top list of many guest posting sites as the dangerous airports in the world. This one is definitely the busiest airport and it gives the perfect look of the MountEverest making it a perfect eye-catchy location. It is dangerous because it offers short runaways to the pilot making it challenging. Guest posting site list shows varied interesting blogs like this.

  1. Juliana airport St Marteen

This airport is only sufficient for extremely small or medium-sizedaeroplanelandings. It is really close to Maho beach which makes it highly visible for the tourist to spot the aeroplane right above them. The view from the plane looks amazing but it is also very scary as the perimeter from above the beach is very nearby this makes the tourist uncomfortable as well as the landing pretty much dangerous.

  1. Courchevel airport France

This airport has a really dangerous landing as it passes by deep valleys and in between the mountains making it extremely scary. Only certified and trained pilots are allowed to try their experience into landing the flight here. This airport also has one of the shortest runways in the world and thus it stands on the 3rd positions. The mountainous route makes it looks amazing as well as dangerous.

  1. Mc Murdo airport Antartica

The most amazing fact about this the particular airport is its runway is made entirely with the ice. Thus it looks pretty and clear on the other hand it also is very risky. There are very limited successful landings done until now and there are also very few flights from this place because half of the time it is covered with heavy snowfall.

  1. Paro Bhutan

There are very few pilots certified to land the plane on this one of the most challenging airports in the world. The pilots have to be constantly focused on the calls in order to deal with the valleys and most of the time the area is covered with fog. It becomes challenging because it all depends upon the guts and strong will of the pilot as visual landing is tough.

  1. Juancho E YrausquinAirport Netherlands

This again is one of the challenging airports in the world as it is one-sidedly surrounded by steep valleys and another side is the sea plus it is all the more covered with cliff making the passenger feel almost heaven like experience with a pinch of near-death experience too. The shortest runaway as well as challenging route to pass by makes it highly complicated and scary.

  1. Skiathos Greece

This airport is located right next to the beach and then the beach does father a huge tourist attraction, mainly for 2 reasons. One is the most magnificent beach view and the other is the low landing flights that just goes by at a slightly little height from the people on the beach.

  1. GustafAirport StBarthelemy

This one is also the most challenging airports in the world and mentioned in top guest blog sites and only well trained certified pilots are allowed to make a move here. The runway is just 2100 feet long this makes it very challenging and risky for the pilot to land the flight smoothly. Thus the passengers are very less and even the aeroplanes are medium-sized ones.

  1. CongonhasAirport Brazil

Because of the bad drainage system in the area where the airport is situated this makes the landing very risky. Most of the time the runway is slippery that often makes the landing unsafe and there are many cases of the flight landing severely uncontrollable.

  1. Narsarsuaq airport Greenland

This one is also the most dangerous one with the historical sights present. The strong wind with that of the shortest runway of the airport together makes it the most challenging one for the pilot to land the flight safely. It is mentioned in the travel blog accepting guest post.

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