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December 1, 2020
Digital Marketing

13 Digital Marketing Tips for Local Businesses


A digital marketing strategy works great for small businesses. Because ad reach can be set based on a user’s geographic location, campaigns end up being more accurate.

Digital Marketing Tips for Local Enterprises

Investment in this type of disclosure is relatively low compared to the potential for economic return. Follow the tips:

Have a mobile-friendly site

 If the consumer is on the street and hungry, he will probably use his smartphone to look up a restaurant address. Therefore, the venture’s website must be light and responsive so that it loads quickly and fits all screen formats.

Optimize the page for local searches

In addition to a complete description of the products or services offered, the company website should also provide relevant information to local customers. These include location, opening hours, and contact channels, such as email or phone number. Make sure this data is visible.

 Use a good call to action

The purpose of the corporate website is to win more customers. Therefore, the public needs to know what steps to take to get the desired service. Does the institution only work by appointment? Enter a “schedule your time” next to the contact details. Does the bar not accept reservations? Explain this.

Update social networks

Maintaining a regular calendar of posts is important to reinforce the brand’s digital presence. Plan relevant content that is of interest to followers and has to do with the nature of your business.

Explore multimedia features

Photos and videos can also be part of the social media strategy. This type of material impacts and stands out in the feed. Here, it is also worth the idea to be consistent with your segment. And don’t forget the call to action.

Filter audience by location

Facebook Ads provides this tool. Your store ads are only visible to users within a specific geographic radius. You can also manage other variables, such as gender, age, and interests of the person.

Use local keywords

Keyword definition is part of the SEO strategy, which helps to rank a page in search engines like Google. For local businesses, the terms must be even more precise.

Refer to services like Google My Business

This free tool allows you to fill out a list with official company information. This way, important data appears in both the search engine and Google Maps. The user easily finds the address and opening hours of the business point.

Redefine results-based marketing strategy


If your keywords aren’t generating many clicks, you may want to change them. A low number of visitors to the online store may also indicate that the digital strategy demands change. Look at the leads that interrupted the buying process and use retargeting to win them back.

Monitor the comments

From Facebook to Complain Here, there will always be those who comment and rate your service. If the repercussion is negative, respond politely and propose solutions to the problem. Remember: Recurring complaints point to chronic failures that need to be addressed. In neighborhood enterprises, customer dissatisfaction means loss of sales, which can be irreversible.

Request feedback

Unfortunately, customers are more likely to share a bad experience than praise a company on the network. To get positive reviews, then, the way is to include reminders for Consumers. It may be an after-sales email with a nice message: “Did you enjoy the service in our hostel? Leave a comment on Tripadvisor! Your feedback is very important for us to maintain service excellence. ”

Let me know the company is online

If you have a physical unit, not e-commerce, it is up to you to advertise the site and social pages to locals. It could be with a poster on the way out, a flyer on the cashier counter or even a line from the clerk.

See what works best

Over time, it will be possible to determine which digital marketing tactics provide the best return on investment. This means that you will have to reorient strategic planning based on the results presented. The important thing is to ensure visibility for the public to continue finding your small business.

Advantages Of Digital Marketing In Companies


  1. Raise the level of competitiveness of SMEs, at least in terms of advertising presence.

In traditional media this was unthinkable, but today a modest clothing store could increase brand awareness and sell its products online with minimal investment, thus competing with large chains that invest large numbers.

You could say that Digital Marketing “democratizes” access to the advertising market because money is not the only element necessary to succeed. With limited resources but good planning and technique, it is feasible to get amazing results. On the contrary, unlimited resources with a messy execution of insurance will trigger a resounding failure.

  1. Unprecedented segmentation

Perhaps one of the aspects that most affect the importance of Digital Marketing for companies is the possibility of micro-segmentation to reach exactly the right people.

When you hire a spot for TV, Radio or advertising on public roads, high amounts are paid for people to simply see it, regardless of whether what we offer interests them or not.

On the other hand, the tools of digital marketing allow us to connect with specific audiences and deliver the right message, at the most appropriate time and in the space that is more in line with the objectives we want to obtain.

This is one of the reasons why Internet advertising exceeds TV.

Will our message be seen by a smaller audience? Perhaps, but it is much more likely that those who receive it are more interested in what we offer and interact with the message we wish to communicate.

  1. Real-time measurement

Can you imagine printing a flyer and knowing exactly how many people read it, how many saved it, how many discarded it and how many arrived at our company thanks to that communication? With Digital Marketing it is possible

Thanks to online advertising any advertiser can know the scope of each action and, most importantly, determine the Return on Investment with great efficiency.

This is achieved with very precise statistics that measure the results of the strategy. Digital marketing in companies allows you to permanently evaluate what happens in real-time.

  1. Cheaper

It costs much less to post an AdWords ad or promote a post on Facebook or Instagram than to place a spot on a radio or TV.

Let’s put an example: put a notice in a newspaper, you will have to pay for the printing of your message in 50,000 copies, regardless of how many people see it. Instead, digital marketing allows you to pay when someone clicks on the ad, that is when someone shows interest.

This happens because advertising 2.0 allows a higher level of segmentation so that ads reach specifically people who may be attracted to our products and not thousands or millions of people who will discard the message because they have no interest in what we offer.

Also, it is possible to start a write for digital marketing campaign with a low-cost investment and gradually increase the amount, as the results are visible.

  1. Facilitates interaction

The Internet is in everything, the internet is in the things we use every day.

From a conversation with formal or informal language through the brand’s social networks, through comments on YouTube videos, responses to emails, SMS, WhatsApp, to the use of applications, augmented reality or a chat on the website of the company, all are favorable spaces to connect with potential customers or to retain those who already know us. This is another advantage of digital marketing in companies.

  1. It has a “glocal” sense

The term glocalization refers to the ability to think globally while acting according to local needs and relationships.

It is part of the importance of Digital Marketing because the versatility of the world 2.0 provides the opportunity to interact with local markets, without losing sight of the existence of a global market with which we coexist.

A brand could consolidate its brand positioning and expand the possibilities of development if it guides its advertising strategy with a global sense.

  1. Portability: it’s everywhere

One of the aspects that most affect the importance of digital marketing in companies is that it allows us to be there, at all times, trying to establish connections with our potential clients. So, that digital marketing is easily available for nowadays business.

Even you can write for us on web design and other web development field and share experience with the world.

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