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January 24, 2021

5 Ways to Keep Your Senior Loved Ones Healthier


If you have parents or relatives who are already seniors, chances are you have a long list of their health needs – from physical to mental health. It is important for them to stay healthy, regardless if they’re staying at home or if they’re under elderly care in Singapore, to prevent serious medical health conditions and help them fully enjoy their senior years. With this in mind, consider these five ways to keep your senior loved ones healthier than ever.

  1. Do a variety of physical activities.

It is recommended for older adults to exercise regularly. They can do physical activities such as simply raising their lower arms and legs to strengthen the muscles, or going for a brisk walk to lower risks of high blood pressure. When exercising, it doesn’t necessarily need to be complex and lengthy. The simpler, the better because what matters most is that they exercise regularly and consistently.

And if they live in an old folks home or nursing home, ask if the facility offers scheduled individual and group exercises or fitness programs.

  1. Eat more nutrient-rich foods.

An elderly life requires more nutrients and fewer calories. Seniors are advised to take a nutrient-rich diet, which may include fruits and vegetables, fat-free milk, seafood, lean meat, eggs, oatmeal, wheat bread, brown rice, beans, nuts, and the like. On the other hand, they should avoid consuming sugar-sweetened beverages, white bread, foods with butter, and pasta.

It is likewise important to control the portion or amount of food they eat. You may want to consult your family doctor or a senior health expert on the diet plan that you’ve made. But if you’re senior parents are under elderly care in Singapore, there’s nothing to worry about. Most elderly care homes have a dietician who looks into the residents’ medical condition and prescribes the proper diet.


  1. Maintain a healthy weight.

Keeping a healthy weight is crucial especially to older adults. In a recent research publication, it was found out that seniors who experience rapid weight gain or loss may be at risk of developing dementia.  That’s why they have to be more cautious when they lose or gain weight.

So, how can your senior parents maintain a healthy weight? Help them become more physically active, eat fewer calories, and make wiser food choices.

  1. Be socially active.

Make the time to catch up and bond with your senior parents or relatives. This can be done by watching movies at home, doing a hobby, playing crossword puzzles, or traveling once in a while. These activities keep their spirits up. This is why families and friends of senior residents in an old folk home in Singapore are encouraged to visit often to spend quality time with their loved ones. Moreover, such home frequently holds social and recreational activities to make their stay more meaningful and engaging.

  1. Have enough and regular sleep.

Enough and regular sleep is especially necessary for seniors because it helps them become healthier. In another study, it was discovered that older adults who didn’t stick to a regular bedtime had higher blood pressure and a higher risk of stroke or heart attack within 10 years. Hence, make sure that your senior parents get to sleep for 7 to 9 hours regularly.

Getting older is inevitable. And despite the challenges that are associated with aging, it is vital that you keep your senior loved ones healthy whether they’re living with you at home or in an old folk home.

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