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December 4, 2020
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8 Video Editing Mistakes You Should Never Make

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It is not easy or possible to create a video that has no errors or discrepancies. And most of these errors occur out of natural causes. Maybe the venue has a bad lightning system, and no matter how many artificial lights you put, the shot is not right. Or maybe, you thought, you had the perfect video, but when you go through it, you find people or things in the background which you don’t want.

These things are unavoidable no matter how intricately you tour the location or have a script for every video scene or more. But the good news is that you don’t have to worry because in post-production you have the opportunity to correct these mistakes. When editing the videos, make sure you go through all the shots and know what is required of the video to ensure it comes out great.

So, whether it is a short film, or a movie, a personal video, or a YouTube video, editing is an integral part of it. Editing ensures your video is of high quality, and it lets you add specific touches to it, which makes it resonate with your brand more. Therefore, to create a high-quality video, editing is something you cannot afford to mess up. Thus, here are common video editing mistakes that you need to keep in mind.

1. Cutting a clip soon

A lot of times you come across a character delivering a line. And before you can absorb it, the video cuts to the next scene. It is annoying as you don’t get time to take it at the moment. The reason for this is editors cutting a scene before the audience can grasp it. The reasons can be many, but this mistake can keep the audience from fully living the character or the moment.

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2. Avoiding outro in YouTube video

YouTube is an excellent platform for all budding video creators. If you are making videos here or plan to do so, keep in mind to add an outro. If you are not doing that, you are committing a mistake as an outro helps with engagement and high traffic. It is the end screen where you can ask users to subscribe or put links to your website or other videos. It is easy to create using the Canva outro maker. However, keep in mind that the best outros are the one which is more than eight seconds long.

3. Not organizing your footage

It is never good to toss everything in your editing software and start the process. That will not work well as you will be scrolling up and down to find the right video and have a sequence. Thus, the best thing you can do is tag all your footage in a folder and then place it one by one in the editor for editing purposes.

4. Having inconsistency in audio

Most videos have three types of audio- the voice, the music, and clip audio. Now, to make sure that no audios overlap each other and go with the video, remember these few things.

  • If you don’t require the audio from the original clip, turn it off.
  • When adding background music, make sure it goes with the video and doesn’t overwhelm the audio of the video.
  • If the video audio is inconsistent or low in quality, it will not go well with the video. So, record audio separately and put it in the video.

5. Using jump cuts as a shortcut

When a cut takes the character in the video to a different location or time without any logical explanation, it is known as a jump cut. It often happens when an editor is unable to fill the gap between two footage or is unaware of how to link two scenes. Try to avoid this mistake as it makes the video unappealing and without any link.

6. Not knowing the basics of editing

Even for a newbie, learning a few basic editing tricks is imperative before you start editing your clips. If you are not sure which cuts will create a natural environment, then your video will not come out great. So, some form of learning and knowledge is necessary to edit a video smartly. If you are just starting out on YouTube or on this journey of creating videos, you need to at least know a few tricks that you can learn from YouTube or taking a crash course. If you are looking to be an editor as well, go for a degree course. Udemy and other such sites will offer quick classes for most.

7. Pacing music improperly

Choosing the right music is not the end of sound in your video. You also need to keep its pace in mind. A soundtrack should always match the timing and pace of the edits. For instance, if you are using long shots, soft transitions like fade or dissolve, with slow movement of camera, the pace of the music would be slow as well.

Upbeat music goes with quick camera action or transitions like a wipe. So, use a soundtrack that matches the pace and then edit the video to suit the pace.

When a transition is incomplete, the video switches from one frame to another with a pop. It doesn’t look pretty and happens usually when the effect is longer than the outbound video. It is a simple fix also- Just extend the outbound video or shorten the length of the transition.

8. Audio that doesn’t sync

A lot of times, we come across a video whose audio doesn’t match the video. The audio we hear is not the one we can see the people saying. Why does it happen? Mostly, the reason is all the shifting of the clips around the timeline when editing. The audio or video sample or frame rate is different for every clip leads to this.

So, check every clip well and if you find unsynced audio, split it and cut it and move it around a few frames to match the lips.

Knowing these common mistakes will ensure your editing skills are top-notch. Keep learning as editing is an art which keeps evolving, and you never know, you may end up coming up with the next trend!

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