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January 22, 2021
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Top 5 cheap places to travel in the world

Top 5 cheap places to travel in the world

Almost every travelling lover starts planning their trips for this year. As we all know, the cheaper the destination, the longer you can afford to stay – or the better your travelling lifestyle can be while visiting. In some of the countries, $45 / night barely affords you a hostel dorm bed, while in others that can pay for a luxury villa!

2019 is sure to be a wonderful year for travellers and if you are already planning your travels for this year, then this post is for you. Some of these countries are cheaper now than ever, largely due to some drops in their local currency on the global market, or due to a recent lack of tourism.

Here are the top 5 cheapest countries to travel to in 2019:


indonesia - top 5 cheap places to travel in the world

Indonesia is full of white sand beaches, best scuba diving in the world, rice paddy scenery and world class surfing. It is without a doubt one of our favourite places on earth. Currently, Indonesia is one of the most affordable and attractive places that we know about.  Out of all the countries we have travelled to and kept track of our budgets, Indonesia is definitely amongst the top 3 best value for money. Don’t miss the wonderful islands of Bali, Raja Ampat, Sumatra, Lombok,  Sumbawa, Gili Islands, Flores, Komodo National Park, Alor…and more!

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mexico1 - top 5 cheap places to travel in the world

A beautiful, diverse and delicious variety of cuisine, friendly local people, world-class beaches, all the amenities you could expect for and an intoxicating vibe make Mexico the best place that we return to time and time again. It is one of our favourite countries to travel to and one of the few destinations where we could see ourselves living long-term.


india - top 5 cheap places to travel in the world

India is one of the most affordable and exhilarating cheap places to travel destinations on earth.  India is full of furious, friendly, chaotic, tranquil, pristine and filthy. India is the epitome of all the oxymoronic and wonderful experiences that make travel so amazing. Visiting and eating all things are very affordable in India.


colombia - top 5 cheap places to travel in the world

Colombia is one of the best and affordable places to visit. It has incredibly lush and pristine jungles, friendly people, and stunning Spanish colonial cities and breathtaking beaches. Colombia is a traveller’s dream.


cuba - top 5 cheap places to travel in the world

If you are looking for the cheap places to travel in the Caribbean, then Cuba is on the tops of the list! You can travel here on an all-inclusive, but if you opt to travel to Cuba independently, you’ll have a far richer experience and it will charge you less. For cheap countries, Cuba is one of your best places.

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So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bag and go on the best tour with your family or loving ones.

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