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January 26, 2021
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Choose The Best Lehenga Choli Designs According To The Body Shape


When it comes to shopping for a lengha choli, you have so many different options that are available to you. We mean that quite literally when we say it, ladies! The market is filled to the brim with so many attractive designs when it comes to the lehenga cholis that we are pretty sure you will end up with the ones that you like. This is one of the main reasons why lehenga choli is so popular amongst the ladies these days. The amazing prints and the beautiful designs that you get with the lehenga cholis are some things that would feel appealing to you for sure. So, on that note, we would like to discuss selecting the correct lehenga choli according to your body shape.

One of the most important things that you might have to take care of when you are selecting a particular lehenga choli for yourself is the amazing body shape that you have. Now there is no doubt about the fact that the Lehenga choli design is very important as well. However, selecting the right lehenga choli according to the body shape will be something that would take your looks to a whole new level for sure. Not to mention that you will be a lot more comfortable with something that you wear according to the shape of the body that you have. There are literally numerous designs that you can actually try out and we are going to help you out.

Are you excited to go to your lehenga shopping? Well, make sure that you choose a lehenga which is appropriate according to the body shape and type.


  1. Rectangle Shaped

There is no doubt that women have different shapes when it comes to their bodies. Now, in the rectangle shape, the bust and the hips would be something that is approximately in the same area of the width. The fat will be stored correctly and evenly in the body as well. Along with that, there is no definition to the waist as well. The rectangular-shaped body is something that is free of any curves and hence you need to choose a particular lehenga that would bring in some definition to the curves. Well, you have to flaunt something, right? So, we suggest that you go for the full-length and wide skirts with some Raw Silk materials that would add some of that volume to the dress. Choose a blouse that goes low and it will look perfect for sure.

  1. Pear Shaped

The pear-shaped body of a woman is exactly what you think it looks like. The thighs, butt as well as the hips would be the center of attractions and when you have these curves then you would definitely want to flaunt it as well. The waist is a little bit defined but then it would not be that prominent with the lower body for sure. The bust, as well as the shoulder, is something that is narrow for sure. So, why not choose a proper balance to those curves that you have. There should be some detailing as well as some volume to the blouse that you wear. You need to learn to take advantage of the amazing and defined waist that you have. Choose a lehenga that has a low waist or if the ghagra choli is not an option for you then you can go for some amazing deep naval sarees as well.

  1. Apple Shaped

Well, the apple shaped body is another one of the beautiful figures that women have and if you need to look for a perfect lehenga choli that goes with the shape, you need to know about the body type first. There is simply no doubt about the fact that the amazing apple-shaped figure means you will be carrying the weight around the chest areas as well as the mid-section. Also, the back and the rib cage might appear a bit wide as well. The styles that have an empire length are the ones that would fit. Make sure that you select a deep neck option. Chiffon fabrics, as well as georgettes, are some of the most common choices for these ladies.

  1. Hourglass Shape

When it comes to selecting a bridal lehenga or any lehenga choli according to the body shape, most women choose the lehengas that have an hourglass fit and shape. We are here to tell you that the waistline will be perfectly defined if you have an hourglass figure. Not to mention that your bust line, as well as the hip line, will have the same width as well. Also, there is a proper proportion to the curves which you will be able to flaunt in the waist. Without any doubt, it is an ideal shape of the body and you can go for many different styles of lehengas if you have this shape.

So, that is all we have for you today. The ball is in your court, ladies? Choose the best options right now.

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