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December 4, 2020
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Customized Logo Design Benefits and Designing Applications

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You think of an idea, you introduce it to the market through manufacturing or marketing, and BOOM your new idea is suddenly a trend in the market and you can only claim it through words such as “the first in the market”. However, several businesses use similar phases and there is little you can do about it. So, how do you stand-out in a highly competitive market?

Custom Logo design paired up with social media marketing is your only savior in the competitive market. Logo designs are meant to give your business a face and build an identity around it so your audience can associate the image with your brand without any interaction or words.

Your company logo represents your virtual presence which is essential for marketing today. Along the lines of standing out in the market from the competitors with a unique image, a custom design is practically a package of several benefits. Read the following to know how a well-invested logo design helps your business image.

Why should you get a Customized Logo Design?

First Impression:

We all have heard the first impression is the last impression and it certainly implies the logo design. A well sought, attractive, and unique design rapidly attracts the attention of the tech, social media, and designing bloggers and advertisers. If your logo design is interesting enough you can be written about and gain an audience for your business.

On another level, if you manage to create an impression through logos, you can easily drive traffic to social media accounts. Coming across your logo, several curious minds will search you through the internet and give a thorough look at your business.

Audience Judgment and Business Credibility:

A polished and fine logo means professionalism in the market. The better your logo is the better your audience judgment will be. A poorly designed and aesthetically unpleasing will drive your audience away. You should make sure that your logo doesn’t look like something fishy or unethically adult. The worst example of logo designs ever witnessed in human history includes the 2012 London Olympics logo, doughboys, A-style, mama’s baking, Kraft Foods, and American airlines among more, through Google, you can find several more.

Your business can generate millions of revenue if you can portray your business as a brand. Audiences are more likely to give your product the first try without reviews if your business is a brand. A brand image solely depends on its logo services.

Easy to Memorize:

According to the picture superiority effect, the human mind can remember pictures better than the words and this has been proven through multiple experiments. The theory is the same as that we are likely to retain the visual and audio information rather than what we have read.

If you can incorporate your key business factors then you can automatically stand out in the market through audience memorization.

Meaning and Marketing:

A logo is a form of artful representation of your business which you can use to convey any message you want. Several NGOs use it to convey the message of humanity, support, charity, and campaigns. A meaningful custom logo also gives you an edge over the marketing.

The most successful example of logos with a meaning includes Baskin Robbins and Amazon.
The pink highlighted area of BR represents the outlet’s 31 flavors. In the amazon logo if you notice the yellow arrow carefully it points from the alphabet A to Z indicating the products category.

How Can You Achieve These Benefits?

Above are proven benefits of a custom logo design in the market. Once you are convinced that your company logo deserves a well-thought procedure. Logo designing is based on some art and design rules that you should consider while designing a logo.

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Choose format:

There are three formats of logo designing you can choose from:

  • Font based (incorporating company name) such as Microsoft and Google.
  • Illustration (the function of business) such as beats, burger king, etc.
  • Abstract symbols such as Pepsi, Nike, Huawei, Adidas, Puma, Gucci, and channel, etc.

These logos are simple yet striking.

Apply Simplicity:

Complicating your logo does no good to the brand. Simplicity is the new design trend that every brand is following. For example, the famous coffee Starbucks over the years has simplified the logo eliminating the details and the name even, and yet it can be recognized worldwide.

Choose Colors:

Applying the rules of color theory to your design is important. Grading and shading are fancy but flat colors are visually more effective. The few color rules are:

  • Neon colors present a strong and bold image.
  • Pastel soft shades present a soft and relaxing image. Commonly used in beauty and health care industries.
  • Orange and yellow colors represent energy. A good choice for gym, energy gyms, and shoe companies.
  • Blues and earthy colors represent a soothing image.
  • Grey, black, and navy blue colors present authority to convey a serious tone.

Brand Consistency:

It is not every day you can change your logo because it is how people remember you. For a successful design incorporate key features such that may only require modification in the future and not a redesign.

A successful logo design depends on the designing factors entirely. If the above rules confuse you or you do not understand the application then we would suggest you contact the best logo design company. A logo designer is familiar with all the basic and advanced rules helping to create a unique brand identity.

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