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January 22, 2021

Everything About IPL 2020 & What you Can Expect from it?

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The Indian Premier League is all set to kick start this year on March 29. And the opening game is all set to be started with the champions, Mumbai Indians and last season’s runner up Chennai super King. The location is none other than Wankhede Stadium. All the teams have probably announced their schedule, but the 2 teams seem to still think about it. Those are CSK and Rajasthan Royals, that are yet to speak out their schedule for the tournament. IPL is going to be a little longer this year, discussed in the top guest blog sites.

Every year it was supposed to be hard for 44 days and now it’s 50 days of the time to be given to the team for a tough match. And there are going to be six doubleheaders. As per the reports, two of the teams will be combined by forming all 8 franchises. One side will be a compromise of players from 4 different franchises, north, and east India. While the other remaining four teams will include players from the South and the West Zone.

About the IPL Team:

IPL also said to be Indian Premier League, is a professional and highly exciting Twenty 20 cricket league. This is played in India every year and said to be the most promising matches that create and excitement. This is restricted to not just the Indian viewer but International viewers as well. The matches will be played with different teams and it will be fun to see who will win the title for this year. Every year we see the different teams being on the top list and suddenly there is huge suspense that rolls out at the results.


North and East of India Team Includes:

Rajasthan Royal, Kolkata Knight Riders, Kings XI Punjab, Delhi Capitals

South and the West Zone includes:

Royal Challengers Bangalore Sunrise Hyderabad, Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super King

Exhibition & Auction:

Before the match starts, there will be all All-star exhibition conducted on March 26, which is 3 days before the actual match. This is the first time in the IPL history for something like an all-star exhibition to be conducted before the match. This is going to give us big and featured names from all the 8 teams in the competition.

Each team will be having 4 overseas names and this is confirmed. Indian Premier League Auction for 2020 has already held on the 19th of December 2020 in Kolkata. Pat Cummins is said to be the most expensive player for the team, for 2020. He is from the overseas team and going to give us some great six for sure. Next is Piyush Chawal who is said to be the most expensive Indian player. Submit a guest post if you have any views on sports.

What to Expect?

Kolkata Knight Riders have won the title for many years, Including Mumbai India and Chennai Super King. Let’s see this year who is going to give us a big hit. This match is idolized not just by the young crowd, but even people of different age groups, be it women, men, oldies, kids, and millennials love to support their team. Different people have a different opinion on support their team, some support because of their favorite player in the team, some support because they belong to the city. While some support because there is a famous personality attached to it who owns the team.

Different teams, different reasons to love and support. And this year IPL 2020 is going to be a super hit for sure. The match trophy and the money will be given to the most deserving one let’s see who succeeds this year. Share your views on Sports blogs accepting guest posts.

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