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December 4, 2020

Experience Top 10 classic adventure challenges while traveling to Australia

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If you have ever played a roller coaster or zipline through the forest in Thailand but have not traveled to Australia to experience these 10 extremely interesting adventure games, it is a pity. Discover it now!

1. White Water Rafting

The breathtaking moments of breathtaking surprise at the countless rocky rapids along the way make waterfall skiing the leading adventure sport in Australia. With a protective suit that ensures safety and requires only a little extra mental strength, anyone can take part in this classic waterfall skiing experience in search of an experience that is both surprising and thrilling. rocky rapids.

Places to slide in Australia: Tully River (Queensland), Franklin River (Tasmania), Murray River (NSW), Mitta Mitta River (Victoria), Barron River (Cairns).

2. Shark Diving

Satisfy your passion for adventure when traveling to Australia with a diving experience deep into the deep blue sea, between terrible and ferocious sharks. Have you ever imagined one day floating in the middle of the sea with sharks struggling around? During a moment so close to the shark, what would I think?

Immediately save this one-of-a-kind experience to your Australia holiday to-do list for a less boring trip.

Places for shark diving while traveling in Australia: Manly Sea Life Sanctuary, Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium, Port Lincoln, and Underwater World Sea Life Aquarium.

 3. Bungee Jumping

Are you prepared for a thrilling jump from unbelievable heights on your family vacation in Australia? Only if you don’t have a fear of heights, of course. All you need to do is fasten your ankle with elastic straps and enjoy the feeling of free fall from an elevated area to see how thrilling and memorable life is.

Bungee jumping spots in Australia: You can find bungee jumping venues for those who don’t fear heights in Brisbane, Cairns, or the Gold Coast.

4. Paragliding (Hang Gliding)

When you were a child, did you dream of flying in your sleep? Now, your childhood dream will come true when traveling to Australia, where you will be spread your wings in the endless sky, overlooking the inspiring natural landscape and feel the excitement. of life.

Paragliding locations: Sydney, Queensland, and Tasmania

5. Climbing And Abseiling

Possessing rugged cliffs, majestic mountains, and great monoliths, Australia is a hikers’ paradise. This is a test of your strength and passion for climbing in the quest for adventure in Australia. You can be completely assured when participating in the challenge of climbing in Australia because the guide service here is very meticulous and all the necessary equipment is new and modern.

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Famous climbing places when traveling to Australia: Mount Arapiles, Booroomba, Mount Glass House

6. Cave expedition (Adventure Caving)

Do not miss the opportunity to practice the “spirit of steel” for yourself through cave exploration activities when having the opportunity to visit Australia. It sounds simple enough, but this is a unique adventure sport that’s rare anywhere. You will be trying to be a scientist to discover the magic of ecosystems that are thriving very deep underground. Feel the same haunt and brain tension in an episode while walking or crawling through narrow streets with just a torch in hand.

Places to explore caves when traveling in Australia: Jenolan Caves, Carey’s Cave, Mammoth Cave, Jewel Cave, and Capricorn Caves.

7. Kite Surfing

A country with 10,000 beaches, Australia’s vast coastline with countless sandy beaches is a kite paradise. With the main components such as the kite, the control bar, belt, and board, to play this sport, it is certain that windy weather is required. Players will stand on the board and control the kite according to the wind to move, the stronger the wind, the tighter the kite and play. This game is combined with travel, then there is nothing better, imagining kite surfing in the sunny and windy waters already excited!

Places to surf kites while traveling in Australia: Surfers Paradise, Byron Bay, Bells Beach, Margaret River, Broad Beach, and Phillip Island

8. Bath with crocodile

At Crocosaurus Cove amusement park in the city of Darwin, northern Australia, there is an adventure service but attracts many visitors to experience bathing with crocodiles. You will be in a transparent glass cage stocked in a lake with giant crocodiles to feel like you are really swimming with a crocodile. Not only can the giant crocodile be observed in the nearest distance, but you can also directly touch the crocodile’s belly through a small window on the cage.

Address to experience crocodile bathing in Australia: Crocosaurus Cove Park, Darwin

9. Roller Coaster (Roller Coaster)

You may have played rollercoasters in many domestic parks in Da Nang, Nha Trang … but you have to come to Australia to know what a roller coaster really is. Using a magnet motor, the Tower of Terror glider follows an L-shaped track with fast, slow curves, slopes that slide straight down at 160km / h, and even upwards at similar speeds. self. Just listening to the story has seen “high” already.

Address Tower of Terror roller coaster ride: Dreamworld Amusement Park, Australia

10. Skydiving

Do you dare to drop yourself from a height of over 4,000 meters in free fall ?! Satisfy your thirst for adventure with a skydiving game from an airplane floating in the air, falling completely free to the earth according to the law of gravity and then parachuting out to gently land. Playing skydiving in Australia, you can rest assured because there will be a professional skydiver with parachuting. They help orient the landing point and release the parachute when needed, so you don’t need to know anything about skydiving techniques to have a satisfying experience with panoramic views.

Places to skydive when traveling in Australia: Wollongong and Newcastle beaches in Sydney, CBD Melbourne and Great Ocean Road in Melbourne, Byron Bay on Gold Coast, Noosa on Sunshine Coast, and Western Australia.

Australia is not the only place where you can experience the above adventure challenges but this is where you can find a thrilling feeling of adventure not only for the fun of the game but also for the majestic natural scenery. and the vastness of the Kangaroo country is second to none.

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