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December 4, 2020

Free Online File Converter: The Need of an Hour Replacing Apps

free online file converter

When dealing with a collection of files for work or educational considerations, you will frequently be required to make modifications and formatting for a few of your files. There are possibilities where you will be instructed to have changed your word document with that of PDF and you might be wondering how? 

There are also changes being instructed to convert PNG into JPEG files. You might come across ample free file converter, and with ample options, it might be a tricky job to know how to go about the process of selection. 

The moment you are instructed to change the format of the file to a different format, you possibly have exposure to 2 different things. One is to use an online file converter to convert or downloading an application, there is no better way than these 2 applications. Let’s discuss why Fileconverter.digital is your go-to app for all the basic to advanced converting needs.

Don’t download any application when you have an online version:  

There are unlimited benefits of using a web-based file converter than to download an application and occupy your space. 

It spares you from downloading unwanted application and introducing a virus or other harmful elements to your PC. If your internet speed is unstable, you will probably see the download process taking a much longer time. 

And when talking about online mode, it is a direct way to convert your file and get results quickly. You can change multiple formats in a shorter time and enjoy your work and time is saved.

Free and Unlimited Option:

Some of the apps are extremely user friendly, it provides you unlimited converting of your files. You need not have to become a member of the website by any registration. You need not have to go and buy premium to use their advanced converting services. Many online-based file converters provide you free and unlimited options. 

Unlike the very popular, Zamzar which is freemium, you have to pay to use the converter benefits multiple times. Thus, you pay nothing but still use ample file converting with ease and in a much convenient way. With top online converting options you have got covered with all your file converting needs in any formats with ease and without paying too. 

Special Features: 

A great part of the online converter lies in having a special feature that no other online site provides. One can also use FFmpeg directly in their web browser without having to face any backend services. The online feature-rich file converter provides a compilation of FFMPEG to WebAssembly, this means that you have access to a dozen unlimited free online file conversions in the browser itself.  

Now, you can worry less about backend related complication, as you can use one of the very awesome file converters which are only meant to provide you ease in converting. Fileconverter.digital has got what it takes to make this special offer exclusively for all the users who wish to use it. Plus, it is for free which makes the online site more worthy. 

Converting Files in Any Format

With the online converter option, you have got your hands on the most versatile option. You can choose from an array of formats, one that goes well with your needs and documentation. Not just commonly popular formats but multiple ones that are exclusive and rare. There is no limit to common formats, with that, you don’t have limits to the very uncommon ones too. 

You can convert format to GIF, TIFF, WMV, WEBM, FLV, as well as MOV, SWF, AVI, MP4, and a lot more. That too the process simply gets too easy to follow, no complication at all, just a few clicks and all are done. 

No Size Limit

Some of the awesome online file converter provides a feature that gives you access to convert the file regardless of how small or large it is. While there are a few which restricts a specific size of the file only. You have many formatting changes along with any size option which makes the online website highly user-centric. 

The term “unlimited” is well defined and formulated when you use the online site and use it to see 

how good it gets. With Fileconverter.digital you have got everything covered; it gives you the access to convert any file regardless of the size. Unlike Zamzar, which restricts you with file size 50Mb only as well as 2 file conversion within a 24 hours duration. 

The quality of the file won’t be compromised

Sometimes, you feel the moment you use a file converter that the quality of the file, be it an image, document or video has got decreased. This might be true to some extent, however not all free file converter may deliver issues like this. 

Some offer premium services while still have the problem of reducing the quality and content of the file which is something you don’t want to face. 

Therefore, having to stick with a popular, user-oriented, and quality have driven file converter is very important. It ensures that you get the services available for free without having to compromise on the quality majorly.

As you can see, using an online free file converter makes a lot more sense than downloading an app and allowing the virus or other crucial information gets leaked out. With the online mode, you are always safe as your files don’t get stored up and is erased once you are done. Plus, you are also having access to converting multiple times without having to pay or wait for the next few hours to do the rest of the converting. With that, few online converters provided a rich user experience, the rest are just going to lure users to pay but doesn’t provide enough quality. File converter digital is the one that promises to take care of your document, convert it in any format of your choice, safeguard your information, uses FFMPEG compiled to WebAssembly, and a lot more. 

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