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January 22, 2021

Here’s Why You Should Get a Cat


When you are getting to know someone, it is always nice to learn if he or she has submit a guest post on pet or pets. Animal lovers are known to be kind people, and that is a good quality to seek in every kind of relationship. I have noticed conflict over being a cat person or dog person, and I think it is ridiculous because both species are great as pets. Many people have dogs and cats in the same house, and it appears they can get along. A common belief is that cats are unfriendly or do not make good companions. As a person who has lived with cats all their life, I agree to disagree.

To be honest, cats are amazing creatures and should be a part of every household. It is hard to believe that ‘cat hater’ is a stereotype that exists in the universe. I cannot imagine how and why someone would despise the lovely felines. I mean they are so soft, warm, and adorable. Taylor Swift loves cats and Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory adored cats. Do you notice a trend here? It appears that all smart people are into cats! The gazillion funny/cute videos on the web, featuring this furry friend are the proof of their awesomeness.

It does not cost much to keep one or two and they are not high maintenance as opposed to dogs. They are the ideal pet for small spaces/apartments and people who are out working for the most part of the day. They do not constantly beg for attention or require walks/recreation outside the house. They will remain contended as long as they have a bowl full of food and a comfortable spot to nap. Cats are very concerned regarding cleanliness, so all they ask for is a neat litter box and they will never make your home dirty.

It is nothing but a myth that cats do nothing but sleep and ignore you, except when they want you to feed them. In fact, cats are extremely playful pets and only become lazy with old age i.e. 7 years or above. They are extremely intelligent and capable of interpreting human emotions, expressions, and tone of speech. A few days ago, I was reading something about cats on ‘Quora’ and it stated that cats could learn up to 35 words that humans around them use frequently. Generally, cats are not talkative and try to express themselves through body language. The way a cat looks at you or wags its tail, says a lot about their mood and affinity towards you.

Here’s Why You Should Get a Cat

If cats were people, they would make excellent attorneys, because they are judgmental (pun intended). Seriously though, if you have ever been well acquainted with cats, you may have noticed that they have a habit of observing us. Often times they like to interfere in our activities, but other times they just sit close by and watch intently. At times, I have woken up and found my cat looking at me, which implies that it was watching me while I slept.

Cats get accustomed to your lifestyle and attitude over a short time period. They are likely to treat you the way you treat them. If you are good to them, they will respond with kindness; if you are rude, they will return the favor. There is this theory that pets reflect the personality of their owner, and I am a true believer in this phenomenon. Have you ever seen those social experiments YouTube videos of a person randomly matching pets to their owners; I find that stuff rather interesting and meaningful.

When you leave and return home every day at a certain time, the cat will adhere to your routine and be waiting for you. They will get surprised if you get back early and show concern when you are late. They will only complain about your absence if it deviates from the usual schedule. Unlike dogs, they will not listen and react to your commands. They are carefree and independent and choose to do as they please. They consider themselves as family members rather than pets. They will expect you to cooperate with their needs, rather than the other way around. If the cat wants your bed, agree and compromise by sharing. They are great to cuddle with, so there is really no downside to it.

Here’s Why You Should Get a Cat

Cats are commonly very particular about their diet, and will not show interest in your meals the way dogs do. Their regular brand of cat food and fish-flavored treats are enough to keep them satisfied. Therefore, if you do not like to share your food and prefer to enjoy it in peace, the cat is your spirit animal. Kittens do tend to sniff at plates because they are highly inquisitive at that stage and keen to discover the source of new smells. However, they are unlikely a nuisance if you turn them down politely.

Cat is one of the most eco-friendly pets, having a much smaller carbon footprint compared to others. They are constantly grooming themselves, so you do not need to bathe them unless there is a rare case of fleas. Brushing the mane once or twice a week will do the job if your cat is extra fluffy, or long-haired (like the Persian breed). Additionally, they are very effective in keeping your home rodent-free. Do not be bothered if they bring you gifts such as a dead lizard or a mouse that is still breathing; they just want to share their victory and are asking for some appreciation.

Individuals who are lonely or need an emotional support animal must eagerly adopt a cat, as they are great listeners. Scientific research says that petting a cat can have very positive effects on health as it releases endorphins to the brain, which makes you feel happy. They help reduce stress and blood pressure as well; studies show that pet owners are less likely to suffer from heart diseases. There are no negatives to keeping a cat unless you mind the occasional hairballs and scratching. You can easily prevent excessive hair shedding and damage to furniture by brushing them and trimming their nails regularly.

Cats can be the key to improving your social life. They are bound to attract people around you with their charm and wit. This could help you a lot in making new friends and possibly find a potential partner. Felines fascinate kids too, thus bringing one into your home can make you the favorite uncle or aunt. Do not be afraid to turn into stereotypes like the “crazy cat lady,” because honestly, no one is purely sane.

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