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December 4, 2020

How Augmented Reality works | Huge Augmented Reality


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Nowadays Augmented Reality technology that never shows like before it is a necessary thing in everyday life and professional life as well. Augmented reality is the main technology that surpassed all expectations. Augmented reality is a growing trend in IT companies.

What is augmented reality

Augmented Reality is an enhanced version of the physical world through the visual, audio element. In other words, we can say that augmented reality integrates all the information with the user all this shows in real time. All the data shown in real worlds.

The “ Augmented reality ” term was first found in 1990 and it appeared in a Thomas cuddle and David Mizell – Boeing company researchers.

Unlike virtual reality is created in totally artificial environments. Where augmented reality can work on your existing environment and simply overlays virtual things on top of it and work on that.

The main benefit of Augmented reality is the better user experience of an improved natural world. where the information from the virtual worlds are the basic information that provides the tool and basic information in the real worlds.

Augmented reality shows a virtual reality in your natural environment. Nowadays augmented reality shows in your smartphones. Augment reality shows 3D view in your device. Augmented reality is totally different from virtual reality.

Augmented Reality – types and category

There are main three categories of augmented reality. And that is shown below

Markerless augmented reality
Projection based augmented reality
Superimposition based augmented reality

1. Markerless augmented reality

That is also called position based augmented reality this uses a GPS, digital compass, velocity meter, accelerometer, which is embedded in a certain device and collect data that based on the user’s location. That mostly used in smartphones to map, business info, direction, and navigational support.

Basically, this augmented reality can use on smartphones that detect a virtual device without reading any image.that shows the location of walls as well. On this augmented reality place a virtual object on real context without reading any image.

2. Projection based augmented reality

This type of Augmented reality project light onto the real world. This is detecting human interaction with the projection by the interaction of human.

Projection based augmented reality is used to advance projection technology to simplify a manually complicated task that is a part of the company manufactures, assembly and training option.

3. Superimposition based augmented reality

It can partially or fully replace the real object onto the Augmented reality object. The key point of this type of augmented reality is to recognize the object because when we don’t know that what is the main object that we can’t the main object onto the Augment reality object. Augmented reality also is used to see the active component to determine to help the component to understand the complexity of the critical machine.

One of these augmented reality main goals is to highlight specific features of the real world.

The best-augmented reality application

Google lens
Augmented reality compass and AR compass 3D
Star walk 2

The opportunity

On that day the opportunity of augmented reality is very high. Nowadays there are 2.5 billion augmented reality app is downloaded annually and that will generate $1.5 billion by 2015. That is not just because of the AR app not to be the conventional mobile app. There where many AR design annually and work on that. That creates a one most development technology. There will be a new market just like google glass and will be open more forms of development and use it.

Barriers that we need cross

There is a huge potential market of Augmented reality. There are some factors that we need to change and work on that.

Public awareness and reach of mobile AR
Technology limitations
Addressing privacy issues
Mobile internet connectivity in emerging market

Some interesting facts about augmented reality

The augmented reality is a grow up fastly that can wopping $90 by 2020.
Augmented reality has been around for some time. In a Harvard university mr.ivan, Sutherland is created first of Augmented reality system and that is head mounted display system

That we are used in those days.
NASA used an Augmented reality in space. That navigation for the dashboard of X-86. this dashboard use to give this board to mission control of space.
The augmented reality is based on two forms of approach


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