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January 23, 2021

How To Choose The Right Dog Bowl for your lovely dog

Dog raised bowls

Choosing the right dog bowl can be overwhelming. You will see so many different options at your local store and online market. How do you choose the right one dog raised bowl for your pooch? Should I get a raised dog bowl, plastic, stainless steel, slow eating or a traveling dog dish? Below you will find ways on choosing the right one for your lovely dog.

Raised Dog Bowl

Do you have a large or older pet? Using a raised stand will help with joint, back and neck problems. Having their dishes elevated will help with their digestive system. The food won’t have to go up then back down again with the dish raised. Do you have a large dog? Try using a heavier dishes so he/she won’t knock the it over as easy. Your dog will love not having to bend all the way to the floor.

Plastic Dog Dishes

Are you looking for less expensive dog bowl with style and color? Plastic is the way to go. You can choose from a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and most are dishwasher safe. The only downside of plastic is if you have a pooch that loves to chew. If he/she chews the bowl two things may happen. They may swallow some of the plastic and the bowl may develop some bacteria that hides. Try using a stainless steel bowl if your pooch likes to chew.

Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

Do you have an outdoor dog or is he/she rough with their dishes? Use a durable stainless steel bowl. if you use dog automatic feeders so no need it.  Some dishes have a slip proof bottom so their food won’t move around quite so much. Bacteria won’t collect on stainless steel making it a sanitary bowl. When your dog drinks a lot the dish may become slimy and you will need to clean more often.

Slow Eating Dog Dishes

If your pet eats to fast get him/her a slow eating bowl. They are designed so they can’t take such a big mouth full of food. These dog dishes have internal dividers or raised areas in the dish. There are risk factors when your dog eats to fast. Some of the risks are canine obesity, digestive problems, chocking and the list goes on. For more information talk to your veterinarian. We all love our dog, help them out with using a slow eating bowl.

Traveling Dog Dishes

Do you like taking your pooch camping, parks, road trips and other places? Don’t forget your convenient travel bowl. Using a lightweight collapsible bag to feed your dog is better than feeding your dog on the ground or having him/her drink out of a cup. It is important to make sure your pooch has fresh food and water on trips.

When choosing the right dog dishes take your time. There are so many options online and at your local store. Choose one that fits your pooches personality and that work best for him/her. Get the whole family involved in picking out the right dog bowl. After all he/she is part of the family. Which ever dog dishes you decide your pooch will love them.

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