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December 4, 2020
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How To SEO For Your Dropshipping Niche


I worked quietly in the back-end of my shop, trying to separate Google’s search rankings slightly from Facebook ads and trust Google as the primary source of “cold traffic.”

We rely on Facebook to attract a particular audience with the hope of buying. This is called “cold traffic”. This means that the person who just clicked on your ad has no idea who it is or what it sells. They are basically “just another drop-ship”. Now my goal with my own dropshipping SEO services is to completely eliminate the need for Facebook for this cold traffic.

I’d like to continue re-marketing on Facebook ads, but only if traffic is collected that flows freely from the search engines. By learning the SEO method of your drop-shipping shop, you can save hundreds of dollars. You can use them for your re-marketing campaign to improve the ROI of your Facebook ads. That alone should be a sufficient reason for you to take care of SEO, but that is not the online business.

People want to buy:

People who come to your store through a search engine usually enter your store because they have a keyword that says they want to buy something.

Of course, we will learn how keyword research is done in terms of direct shipping. This will be discussed later. Once you get traffic, you’ll find that your organic traffic (SEO) will no doubt be better than your Facebook ads.

How to optimize your Drop Shipping store for Google:

Keyword research:

Learning keyword research not only helps you make direct mailings, it also teaches you the basics of search engine marketing.

Knowing what your audience is writing and making sure your store represents those keywords is the simplest and most difficult way to optimize the drop shipping shop. Because it takes time to develop a sense of what people are looking for and who would be interested in buying from you.

Optimize the title of your product:

Once you find these keywords, you should include them in the titles of the products. Do not force it. Keep your titles always short, clean and to the point. I strive for 6 words in the title of a product and I go to 7 if it is really necessary.

If you are shipping drop by drop, you are likely to use Oberlo to import Ali Express products. This means that the product title on Ali Express will suddenly become your “product title” and your URL will get worse once the product is in your store. I hope we all agree on how terrible the titles of Ali Express products are, but even worse are the product descriptions.

Optimize the descriptions of your products.

This is a tip that all Shopify / Drop shipping gurus agree with. Finish importing Ali Express product descriptions in your store. The only one shows how lazy and unmotivated you are, and it is a clear signal to clients that they should not trust you.

I also learned this in the most difficult way when I also left the descriptions of Ali Express products in my products and caused a real SEO nightmare for me, since it can also be considered “duplicate content”. That alone should help you detect an increase in Google traffic.

Write blog posts:

For a description of the product, you can easily get away with just a few words (50 to 200), but I also suggest that you learn to write longer content in the form of blog posts in your store.

Most of the Shopify themes are delivered with the blog:

Use this feature to your advantage and start writing content that allows Google to know what your business is about. If you want to get more advanced, you can also use these blog posts in a Facebook ad campaign to create highly convertible Look Alike audiences of the people who deal with them.

You should see some increase in your traffic starting next month. However, as with any SEO strategy, you will have to give Google a few months so that your site has enough confidence to give you the juicy and high conversion ranking positions.

Do not be discouraged if you do not see 100 people flying from the first day every day; It takes time to build and, as I said, it will continue to grow as soon as you find the best strategies for your business.

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