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Is Home Schooling a Better Education option?


Despite the many positives and benefits of keeping your child at home and giving them the proper school like experience at your home. There are many disadvantages to it that you are unaware of. Though you’ll hear both positives and negative about it, there are few things that you must know before you jump into any conclusion.


The modern-day parents are looking out for modern ways to help and nurture their kids. Moreover, the question that strikes these parents are, what is actually been taught to a child in school? What makes education differ? Is it just for the marks and test that a child attends schooling? There are top guest blog sites that can help you express your opinion.


  • Focused Learning:

Unlike public learning, homeschooling is more of a one to one learning. A school teacher cannot always keep her/his focus on one student. The education a child gets at home is more detailed, clearer as compared to the school education where the focus is divided into many kids and not to anyone specific.

  • Time Flexibility:

Flexibility with respect to timing can be possible if a child learns at their comfort place. There is no restriction of coming and going at a proper time schedule. Homeschooling is your child plays, relax, learn, and practice everything as per their convenience and comfort.

  • More Learning:

School learning is more focused on good grades and not good learning. It is believed that every child is a part of a race that attempts to get better and better from the rest. This may or may not be that good for a child’s education. Homeschooling is more focused on giving your kid proper subjective knowledge and not to compete in a race.



  • Structure-Less:

The main disadvantage is, homeschooling is baseless and structure-less. You don’t have any set of the plan of action for your child. Schools have the proper experience, standardized assessments, method of learning and all sorts of material requirements for a child’s education. Unlike homeschooling, here parent has limited resource and probably could manage to make their level of learning as great as school learning.

  • Socializing:

Socializing is really important, the more you communicate and connect with people, the better you understand about life. Confidence and other traits come only when you open up and express yourself to others. In homeschooling, a child doesn’t interact much. The only interaction with family members and lesser friends leads to less enjoyment in life. There is no trip where you learn to rely on self, no good friendship that teaches you relationship management and no communication that makes you an introvert.

  • Limited Learning:

In School, the child makes sure to learn every subject in depth and so they have knowledge of different fields like math, history, science and other subjects too. But when it comes to schooling at home, it is more like the parents eliminates a few subjects they wish their kids to learn. This, in turn, makes their level of education lesser as compared to the children going to school.

  • Less of Expertise Knowledge:

In school life, a child is been taught by a professional and skilled teacher. For any subject that you consider, teachers are skilled and experienced in the specific subject and deliver her knowledge in the most simplified and extremely detailed manner. But the same level of dedication, expertise, skill, and professionalism is found to be missing in parents.

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