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December 3, 2020

Keep These Things In Mind While Changing Baby Diapers


Nowadays the use of diapers has become very common. The use of diapers provides comfort to the child and at the same time, it is also convenient for the parents as it does not change when the child’s clothes become wet again and again. But in my Experiences, no matter how much advance diapers, there is a little moisture. When the child pisses or potty in it, then the moisture remains in it and the skin of the child’s diaper area can sometimes get worse. Newborns wet the diapers very quickly. That’s why he has to change frequently The infant’s skin is so soft that it can be easily infected even with slight moisture. Baby’s skin care is good enough, otherwise, the child’s skin may also have fibers. That is why it is very important to take care of some things while changing the child’s diaper.

diaper safe baby

  • When changing baby diapers, place the baby health on a flatbed or clean place. First, open the child’s diaper with the waist, then lift his legs up and slowly move out to the outside.
  • After the baby’s urine or potty, clean the skin by wetting a clean cloth in the lukewarm water. After that, dry clothes wipe.
  • Wearing baby diapers should be careful to keep a little loose on his waist. Do not wear tight.
  • The top layer of the diaper should always be happy if the top layer is wet, it may be itchy fiber or skin red.
  • Do not leave the child in diapers for more than every 1-2 hours, check that the child has not pissed. And if the child has a vampire then it is necessary to quickly change it.
  • Whenever you are at home with the child, at least 3-4 times a day, the child should be left without diapers, so that the area under the diaper, the skin on which the air is on it, and the skin becomes dry, it is necessary. Is that you keep the temperature of your room normal.
  • If you are wearing a baby diaper for a long time then there are many such creams in the market. In which there is an element of zinc oxide cream, you should apply this zinc oxide cream baby and then wear a diaper, so that the moisture of the diaper will not come on the child’s skin. Even if the child has urine or potty inside the diaper, Will protect.
  • Keep in mind that the child is no longer in wet clothes because of wet clothes due to which the child has many types of skin diseases, because urine, acid, and ammonia etc. which produce itchy skin in the urine, so the child is worn Do not forget to check the diapers again and again.
  • Cotton is considered as comfortable for the child compared to the nappy diapers made of clothes. The child does not have too much rhesus on the side. That is why try as far as possible to wear clothes made from nappies at home.
  • By the way, the cottage nails made at home are more comfortable for the child. But if you wear baby diapers for the convenience of yourself and your child, then it is always necessary to keep in mind that no child is in moisture because some children cry and tell some children to remain in the same moisture for a long time goes. In this case, there may be any problem with the child such as cold, pneumonia etc. After the birth of the baby, the mother’s most important work is also to save the child from moisture, hence the need to keep the most attention to this thing.

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