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October 27, 2020
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Motivations For Enhancing Meditation


The world we live in full of enormous activities which make our life cumbersome and dull. The dust of worldly affair makes a cover upon over beautiful bodies, which further pollutes our mind, brain and pious soul. For purifying it, we must take out some time from the racing world.

For this, we are in need of ‘Fine Filters’, which could filter these dust particles from our bodies and make our bodies refined again. For that meditation plays the role of these filters which by its practical techniques remove away all these dusty things and makes our life robust, happy and healthier.

Our body, mind, and soul can be purified if we spend sometimes in isolation free from the madding crowd of this world, in deep, religious and spiritual; thoughts, when our mind is in a state of practicing it, in emptiness.

There are numerous ways to free our mind from the vicissitudes of life. A few minutes exploring our inner self in a deep interior religious concentration provides us wonderful results, which purifies not our physical body but the entire inner system, emanating fine thoughts, which further boost our immune system, handling us a healthy and joyful life.

Following are some of the best meditations practices to achieve these goals:

meditations 1


Spare a few minutes for this unique practice and be prepared for it in a jubilant mood for the ‘achievement’ of that for which you have ‘aspire for’.

Aim & Purpose

Focus your vision on what you intend to do for meditations. What do you want to get after practicing this technique? How the results achieved is beneficial in solving your purpose. Aim arises from your nervous system and deep mind in religious thoughts gives the solution by its divine voice, for the fulfillment of your purpose.

meditations 2

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Thoughts must arise in your mind. They are the strongest motivational value for boosting your prayers for the desired results.


You should always be eager to know on a issue, which irritates you. Try to get as much knowledge and information as you can, about the matter for which you make your mind to speak for its remedies, when you are in a deep religious and spiritual connotation.

Strong Efforts

meditations 5

This is an aspect of great value – Meditations. Make your all-around best efforts while you meditate on your issues. Go deep into these efforts as far as you go. Leave no stone unturned for this exercise. Efforts, strongly made, can only lead to your “Manzil”.


While practicing, you must avoid diversions just like anger, sadness, twisting mood etc. distractions are the greatest enemies, in this process and make you deviate from the achievement of your needed goal. Throw them away from your body- house of almighty.

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One Thing At A Time

When you pray while practicing focus your attention on one of the subject matter. Don’t take a mess of multipurpose. Nothing will come out of this. Rather they develop a confused personality.

meditations 4


You should be fully confident about what you are working upon – Meditations. Believe, that your efforts and experiences are in a right direction, for solving your problems and providing you ‘best solution’. You must know that all foundations of life are standing on the pedestal of confidence or faith.

Above are some of the best practices which enhances the meditational techniques for polishing your body. However, that is not the end of the road. Numerous value in improving the process of linking your mind with the divine light. It is further said that for this improvement keep yourself free of stress, depression, aggression, rivalry etc. and so on.

Above all for jubilant and healthy meaningful life, open your ‘third eye’ and focus its vision with ‘Nature’ i.e., look to mountains, sceneries, landscapes, running water of rivers, chirping of birds, the music of fountains and much more. See yourself, how nature makes your life shinning.


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