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January 23, 2021
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New Traffic Rules in India That Really Needs to Be Taken Care Of

In the past few days, we have heard a lot of buzz around, in the update of the new Motor Vehicle Act as well as the hefty traffic rules and challan. This has not just surprised the citizen that travel through the private mode of vehicles, but also the one who is planning to buy their first vehicle in 2019-20.

There are a huge conversation and debate over this topic and interestingly this news has got many supporters as well as a few who’ve put their objection against it. To be honest, there are no such valid reasons for an individual to put an objection against the law, because this is the only mean to handle the traffic issues and to let people abide by the rule. Finally, we can say that the country has settled up with the much-needed traffic law which was seriously ignored over the past few years. There are many guest posting sites that have talked about this topic.

With the increase in traffic and private vehicles, already traffic jams have snatched up the peace of the daily commuters. It was because there were no set of rules and regulations followed by the citizens of the country which led to overuse of scooter, bikes, cars and whatsoever. Various guest posting sites lists will allow you to get a brief idea of this topic.

Here is a table that can give you an extremely clear insight of what are the new charges and fines laid down by the government for traffic safety.

Driving without insurance₹2,000
Rules of road regulation violation₹500
Not providing a way for emergency vehicles₹10,000
Disobedience of orders of authorities₹2000
Vehicle without permitUp to ₹10,000
Dangerous driving₹1,000 to ₹5,000
Drink driving10,000
Vehicle without permitUp to ₹10,000

By looking at the figure above one thing is very clear, we can almost see the rates tripled up, in fact, more than that. While people are discussing why there is such a huge hike, it is also a thing to consider that fine is charged only for those individuals who are going to break the rules and not for those who don’t break the rules. Top guest blog sites have mentioned this specific growing concern.

There is nothing to be concerned about if you are sure that you don’t usually break the rules. And these rules are set in order to make the citizen travel safely and follow all the regulation laid upon them as a respectful citizen of the country.

Instead of demotivating the decisions laid down by the government, one must focus on practicing the right and regulated means of traveling. There is no harm in following the rules until it is going to harm you or your safety, but these rules are definitely one best way to let the citizen consider the safety of the pedestrian on the road.


There are various measures that can help you avoid getting into any sort of complication while driving or riding your vehicle. Always carry your license, insurance paper, permits and most importantly all the documents of your vehicle. If not the original one at least a copy, and a soft copy on your phone will also be a great thing. Do not tend to argue or make any comment if you’re caught, because a good gesture will always be supportive for your betterment. Respect the rules of the country and accept it as a positive note, this is one step to reducing the heavy traffic mess and focusing on the better India.

Of course, the fines are a way too high and common people can’t really afford to pay it at once, but if you follow the rules you will never have to worry about fines! So be safe, travel safe and respect the rules! Even you can submit a guest post on this trending topic.

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