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December 4, 2020
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Self Hosting VS Video Hosting Site: Which One is Better for Your Explainer Video?

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Some startups upload their explainer video on YouTube and some others put their video on Wistia or other similar video hosting sites.

Why do they do this? Because, promoting explainer videos on video hosting will increase views, which in turn will bring traffic and leads to the website or things that you are promoting through the video.

Besides, putting videos on video hosting is one way to spread the message more widely.

There are many video hosting sites besides youtube. There are also many other platforms besides video hosting for uploading videos, social media like Facebook and IGTV on Instagram for example.

You do need to promote videos in various ways, including placing the video on various platforms.

Before choosing the best video hosting for your video, I want to inform you again about the advantages of having an explainer video for your business.

The Power of An Explainer Video

1. Deliver Your Message Easily

When you have a complex message or for example when startups have a new product that hasn’t existed yet, it will be very difficult to explain it in text. Maybe it can be easy with charts, but it takes a long time.

Audiences as message recipients may not understand if only delivered via text. Moreover, today many people are getting lazy to read.

Thanks for the explainer video, being there makes life simpler. Delivering messages is easier and more efficient, easy to receive, and easy to remember.

2. Reach Wider Audiences

Explainer videos often don’t have a specific target, especially when animated. Videos like this can be watched from small children, young people, adolescents, to adults. Especially if you use universal language that is easy to understand.

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With this video, you will reach a wider audience. Especially if it is placed on video hosting which already has a subtitle feature. increase in views and visitor traffic you will get significantly.

3. Converts More Leads

No doubt, based on statistical video marketing data by Breadnbeyond, many businesses are more successful with video content.

Google and other search engines will also notice more on your website if you have video content, not just text and images. People will be more interested in watching than reading which will increase your conversions.

4. Boost Your SEO

It is no secret that video content is significant content to enhance the brand image or website in the eyes of Google. Google really likes videos, and will be previewed.

In other words, this is useful for SEO optimization or benefits digital marketers in playing or competing digitally.

Alright, right now, what do you think? Which one is better? Before you decide whether it is better to upload your explainer video on your own web hosting or on a popular video hosting site let’s see the advantages and disadvantages from both sides.

Choosing The Right Video Host

1. Bandwidth

Hosting a video on your own web hosting requires large bandwidth usage, your 80mb explainer video watched by 100 visitors will spend 8 GB bandwidth.

All web hosting companies set a limit on bandwidth usage (or set a hidden limit on your bandwidth usage) and will add an additional charge regarding bandwidth usage, or just give you the boot. Unlike on your own web hosting, most video hosting websites don’t set limits on bandwidth usage and most of them are totally free.

2. Customization

If you host an explainer video on your own web host, you will need to customize your website and add some appropriate coding in order to play your video smoothly, as well as making sure that you are encoding your video the right way.

As the opposite of this, you don’t have to give additional customization on your website if you host your video on a video hosting company (i.e.: YouTube, Vimeo). All you have to do is just embed the video on your website by putting a simple html code that they provide.

3. Video Control

When you host your own website, you have full control of your video, so you can adjust your time or size limit by yourself. You also own all rights to your video. When you host it on a video hosting company, you have nothing to do if they suddenly delete your video or close their service.

In this case, make sure you have a back-end or IT team who understands website developing issues. This is very technical, if you don’t understand the problem of embedding videos on the website because it requires a lot of code, you better rely on reliable ones.

4. Backlink for SEO

People are more likely to embed videos they love on their blog or post. If we have it on our own web host, it will also mean free backlink to our website. If we host it on YouTube, the backlink will only belong to YouTube (or at least, your YouTube Channel).

Why is the backlink for SEO of great concern to many digital marketers?

Remember that domain rating or domain authentication is needed to show the credibility of a website. The more quality backlinks that refer to your website, the better your website will be.

In connection with that, hopefully, more and more people will glance at or buy your products and services.

5. Traffic

Most startups lack website traffic, and large video hosting companies like YouTube already have millions of visitors. If you need your explainer video to be found more widely you may consider this reason.


Those are some advantages and disadvantages from self hosting and video hosting. Actually, you don’t have to choose between those two

You can host your explainer video in both those options at your own benefits. But, if you really don’t have enough bandwidth to host your video, a video hosting website may be the best choice for your video hosting needs.

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