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December 5, 2020

The Best Platforms for MDCAT preparation


On-campus learning was a thing that we needed to have in the early 2000s as it was the only available option regarding MDCAT preparation. It goes without saying that the academies once proved to be a wonderful source of preparation of NDCAT across the globe. Be that as it may, they became a poor tool for what students needed, but for a time, they were the only available option we had.

With the introduction of smart technology such as internet, smartphones and tablets, we now have excellent alternatives for accessing all the amazing things we know and learn. That’s the reason why we have seen a quantum shift towards e-learning over the past few years.

The medical entry test or MDCAT is an entry test carried out for the admission in public medical and dental colleges across Pakistan. MDCAT troubles almost every student pinning his hopes on getting admission in medical colleges and it’s not hard to see why. This test is concept based and indubitably in-depth research is really, really necessary to pass this test with a big score on the board. This is the reason most of the aspirants get afraid of MDCAT and it proves to be a real bear during the preparation later on. Be that as it may, once the student does the preparation in the right way, MDCAT would be a piece of cake for them- no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Preparation at traditional on-campus academies

After students undergo their intermediate exams, the next thing on their to-do list comes the preparation of entrance test in order to get into well-reputed medical and dental colleges in Pakistan. For this reason, the towering majority of the students make their way to academies in order to get their grip on the preparation. Be that as it may, it proves to be a big mistake later on because the focus of academies is only to fill up their accounts with money and that’s that. They have no concern with the students’ grades in the entry tests and their career ahead. Students have to go through a lot while preparing at the academies along the way. Let’s see what are the major issues associated with the academies these days:

#1 The student-teacher interaction in academies faces cutbacks because of which most of the students are unable to get their hands on necessary knowledge in a minimum time span in spite of having inner potential.

#2 The students are bound to follow a hectic timeframe due to which they get bored and have to say goodbye to all other activities which might be necessary for them.

#3 It becomes difficult for the teachers in the super crowded classes to grab the attention of the whole class due to which they couldn’t convey their lecture to all the students.

#4 The Notes and Revision test session costs a lot and all students are unable to afford such an inflated fee structure.


Beyond the shadow of a doubt, TopGrade.pk is the top-hole platform for online MDCAT preparation in Pakistan. There are a bunch of reasons to support the aforementioned statement. First of all, all the learning material is within easy reach of students and they can get their hands on the preparation stuff easily, without any restriction of time or place. Topic-wise video lectures, weekly and monthly quizzes, fast-revision notes, question banks; I mean everything to cater to the needs of all the students, bang on.

With user-friendly software design, TopGrade.PK provides the aspirants wishing to score high in the entrance test with the complete preparation of academic data. As far as the fee is taken into account, it’s nominal as compared to the big dues bills asked by the conventional academies. The students can access complete chapter wise video lectures and make the best out of them along the way. Chapter wise notes are icing on the cake when it comes to doing the preparation as per the entry test rules. Plus, the student can keep close weather on the preparation and progress with the help of daily, weekly and monthly test systems. For this case, a student can allocate more time to the low scoring subjects so that he can make his way through the preparation of all the subjects simultaneously. Yes, that’s what TopGrade.pk has got for students.


Taleemdost.pk has a versatile database of preparation material for the preparation of almost all kinds of entry tests including MDCAT too. This online platform provides the aspirants with the opportunity to have a close look at all entry test related points in the textbook. Subject wise separate options such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and English textbook MCQs for both F.Sc part 1 and part 2 are included for the students’ convenience. All the test sessions are time framed so that students can track their study progress along the way. And when the practice test is taken into consideration, a related video lecture is included against the particular topic so that the students can go through the topic over and over again before attempting the test session. By now, Students don’t stand in the need of consulting the notes before going through the test so that student can attempt the test by just listening to the video lecture.


ilmkidunya.com is another one of the most vigilant and highly productive online platform that covers all spheres of education system inside one single solution. The word ilmkidunya means “The world of knowledge.” Not only the education-related news, but you can also find the super important information regarding jobs and results and admissions in top universities in Pakistan. Everything is just right in the blockhole, spot on.

The preparation of any sort of entry test can be made in an easier way through this platform. As far as medical entry test preparation is taken into account, it is also a wonderful platform.

Educational Informer

Ilmkidunya.pk is the only online platform that brings forth every single information related to the education system and that’s it’s called as the world of knowledge. It even publishes official results of all examination and inform students about the latest updates in education zone. The website is all about providing the latest educational news, listing of featured and popular colleges in Pakistan, courses available at Inter/ Bachelors, and Masters level, admissions, past papers, date sheets, results, scholarships, test preparation data, information about foreign studies, job opportunities and much more. It is indubitably one stop online education portal that even broadcasts board exams results.

Valid Learning Material

All the preparation stuff for medical entry test is up to the par and relevant to the syllabus assigned by UHS. The video lectures are included so that students can easily take in the things and MCQs practice exercises are also available to enable students keeping an eye on their expertise in certain subjects. No need to pay huge amount of bucks for helping books and academies now. This platform makes students feel easy and do the preparation in the best suited way.

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