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September 18, 2020

The Changing Trend of Food Delivery


A human can live without love but the love for food will always be constant. With the increase in the number of food outlets & food varieties, we are just getting happy and happier every day!

We are in a generation where we prefer to explore the food options and not rest to just one. But in this process of adoring and having food so much. What is that one shift we haven’t noticed increasing?

Nowadays, dining out is losing the popularity and the change is diverting to eating in. With the high stipulation of the food delivery apps, urban dining habits are gradually decreasing. In fact, it is on the verge of closing down as most of the restaurant presently offers only take away alternatives.

However, with the vast revamp of the food eating habit pattern, will delivery app actually shut down the restaurant business?

The level of comfort & ease that an online order provides is incomparable. Grab your phones, pick the item you want, add the coupon if you have an order instantly!


The Reality:

The rise of digital technology is reshaping every individual behavior. We spend the majority of our time in the comfort zone and order food online. It is instant, easy & quite affordable with coupons and vouchers presented to attract a vast number of customers.

Though it seems comfortable, this habit is actually making us lazy. The real part is, we order food from the restaurant which means the business isn’t shutting; well only the outlet demands see the downfall.

With so many options we have in our smartphones, ordering food online becomes extremely manageable. Even a toddler could manage to buy milk online! Well only if this option existed.

Food Delivery Apps:

There isn’t just one but many delivery apps. Due to the presence of multiple options, the business is strong and competitive. However, this only helps the customer, as the competition led to making the online presence for customers, extremely impressive.

This can happen only with coupons, vouchers, and Eye grabbing offers. It seems extremely affordable for us to pick our favorite food in almost half a price. Thanks to online food app competition!

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The level of participation we customer make i.e. ordering the food online is actually giving food delivery business, growth more than they’ve imagined. Interestingly! Global food brands are getting tough competition by local restaurants too. Of course, we are loyal customers to a few of the local restaurants nearby us.

It is not just a matter of junk food that we order online, Chinese, cakes & cafes are also getting high popularity on the online platform. It seems very obvious because, it’s not just about like, it is more about exploring.

Dining In:

However, with the great insistence of online food delivery app, dining in also plays a role in people’s life. We haven’t completely forgotten dining in options. We do visit the restaurant, but the question is which restaurant?

Nowadays, to attract customer, restaurants, and cafes are searching for techniques to grab the attention. Creative interiors like Aesthetic, sporty, urban, traditional, all these creating new dinings in aspects.

This attractive looking ambiance urges the customer to visit the outlet at least once. And through which, if we like it, we share it and once we share it, this is how the demand increases of the place.

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