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December 5, 2020

The Journey of a Nation to Freedom

America, today what is known as the most developed nation in the world even has a dark and struggle full history as even the history has not spared the country. With the rule of Great Britain, like India, The United State of America has also suffered the pain of slavery and has struggled for its Independence. The United States got its Independence on the fourth of July, 1776. This is the reason the day is also celebrated and called “the Fourth”. This day is given as holiday commemorating the adoption of the declaration of independence from the kingdom of Great Britain. The day is followed by different celebrations at various places with fireworks, carnivals, parades, etc.


The significance of the Date:

As the day holds significant importance to the country, one can easily find the detailed historical description from the guest post site list. As it clearly states that the Continental Congress finally approved the final wording of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, after the submission of the draft on July 2nd. This date was also much significant for the publication of the print on Dunlap Broadsides. This was the original printed copies which were circulated throughout the new nation.

But in contrast to this, Constitution Day is celebrated on September 17th of each year. This is the day when the Constitution was signed and not just approved.

The reason for 4th July being a National holiday:

In the beginning, after the Declaration was written, people didn’t celebrate the day as much for the first 15 to 20 years because at that time so many things were happening in the new nation that people found it too new to get the hang of it. There are many top guest blog sites that show the turmoil and controversial situation of the Declaration and the reactions of the people. There was still heat up situation among the parties as the Democratic-Republicans admired Jefferson and the Declaration while on the other side, the Federalists thought the Declaration to be too anti-British and French which as usual went against the policies.

But as the year passes by the celebration of the Fourth of July became more common. After almost a hundred years of the Declaration, that is on 1870, Congress declared the historic day of July 4 to be officially recognized national holiday alongside with Christmas and other holidays.


The present-day effect of 4th July:

The story of the Independency of America has a history which needs to be dug deeper into and to know more about it, one can easily submit a guest post that can provide an insight of the Independence of this great nation. The more struggle a country goes through the more enrich its history becomes and one can easily judge by the history of a country that how it paved its way to the glory. Remembering and celebrating the day makes people realize about the sacrifices and struggles that their ancestors went through and it makes them value the present nation and all its achievements.

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