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July 10, 2020

The Significance and Process of Deep Root Feeding for Trees


Deep root fertilization is a very necessary process to maintain your tree’s health and immune system. Harsh weather conditions make a tree sensitive and prone to different diseases and conditions that can be dangerous. Deep root feeding for trees is an effective and proven method to keep your trees in a stable and healthy condition. In this process, a high-quality nutrient is poured into the ground near the tree. It is basically injected into the roots. Through this process, a tree gets its necessary nutrients directly. You will see the positive effects of this deep root fertilization within a few months. It is the best way to feed your trees with water and other essential nutrients. If a tree’s needs are not being fulfilled properly then the tree will suffer greatly.

What is the Process of Deep Root Fertilization?

The main purpose of deep root fertilization is to ensure tree and plant nourishment. Tree growth is also one of its main objectives. Trees that grow in jungles are naturally nourished by enriched soil underneath them. Trees grown in the city area just have dirt underneath them which have no nutrients in them. It is important to feed them with essential microbes and fluids if you want them healthy and nourished. The right way to do deep root feeding for trees is given below.

  • Ting holes are dug around the soil near the tree. These holes are about 8 feet deep and 3 feet apart from each other.
  • After that, you pour fertilizer liquid into the pressure hose and then pump it in the holes around the tree. You have to pump the liquid with great pressure if you want it to reach the roots of the trees.
  • When holes are dug up near the tree. It is also beneficial for trees because it aerates the soil. Oxygen can reach directly to the soil.
  • Sometimes the soils are disturbed when the transplanting process begins. After this tree needs a lot of time to recover from that. In droughts, it will take them more than 5 years to recover. Experts advise deep root feed your trees every two years. It should be a part of your lawn maintenance. If you need professional assistance then check out deep root feeding for trees Toronto.

Best time for Deep Root Fertilization

Usually, deep root feeding is done every two years but if your tree faces some atrocities like extreme weather conditions, sunburn, frost, wood decay, drought and other so it is advisable to do it every spring and autumn. In the spring trees blossom and they will take up any nutrients to grow flowers and fruits on them. In the fall, trees need extra care and fertilizer to face the harsh autumn. Most people in Canada deep root feed their trees every year to avoid any inconveniences. Moreover, in the case of insect attacks, deep root feeding can play a major role in recovery. Insects eat up the tree inside out. So tree fertilization helps a tree to restore its strength and overcome its weaknesses.

Which Liquid Fertilizer is best?

This is a very usual question asked by people who want the best treatment for their trees. There are plenty of liquid fertilizers available in markets. But the best one is that which has all the nutrient content in it. You should choose a product that has natural content like microbes, organic matter, and other microorganisms. This will provide your trees with all the food and water it needs to stay healthy or regain strength. The nutrient should also benefit the food web in your soil. If a tree has great soil under it will blossom. If you need deep root feeding for trees Etobicoke then contact companies in your area.

Deep Root Fertilization Importance

  • It is a very recommended way to feed nutrients to your tree because they reach directly to the tree. Roots suck all the essential nutrients and pass them on to the stem.
  • If you do deep root feeding two times a year, no matter how much worse conditions get your tree will never lose its strength.
  • Pruning and deep root feeding your trees is a killer combo. It will make your trees immune to every condition.
  • If you feed your trees indirectly then your tree will lose 90% of the nutrients to shrubs and grass near it. Deep root feeding is a direct way and your tree gets all the food directly.
  • Deep root feeding for trees Mississauga has efficient tree services for your lawn or your garden.

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