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August 10, 2020
Web Development

The Top 7 JavaScript Frameworks for 2020

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Nowadays, web development is like you building a whole house structure over the internet. Creating a website seems to be so simple with web development and it is easier to use coding if you are experienced in that. But every website does need a feature that can be added into it with the templates. And this is why the framework seems to be most important. JS frameworks are generally a collection of JavaScript libraries which helps to build websites.


JavaScript is a language that supports functional, imperative as well as an event-driven, programming language. This was used in the earlier times from the client perspective. However, with the change in the need and the demand of this language, is it now being used from the server-side programming language. There are a guest posting submission site lists that can help you find out the topic about this more in-depth. 


With this language, it’s getting really easy to create dynamic and interactive looking sites. No matter you wish to create games, software or even websites for that matter, this language allows you to do so in a lightweight format and that is more than enough. Want to submit a guest post? You can do so if you have anything to share about JavaScript. 


Let’s roll into the Top 7 java Framework for 2020


a) Angular

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The first one to rank in the top list here is Angular. It is a framework that is structured and supported by other corporations including Google. It is the most powerful, fully-featured and efficient framework to work with. The best part is, you can separately operate one section of the application, with the help of the same data text. Developing a single page application seems to be possible with this latest framework. 


b) React

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For a clear and subtle user interface in the application, this one is built and it belongs to the JavaScript library from Facebook. Declarative views featured in it make the overall functioning more predictable as well as readable too. Dynamic and high incoming traffic seems to be in control with this framework along with that, it does utilize the benefits of virtual DOM. This one gained a huge span of popularity in just a few periods. 


c) Vue.js

This one is for sure considered to be the most powerful framework that has ever released in 2014. It came into existence to simply make the development of a user interface in the easiest possible manner. It also makes it easier to integration and connecting it with the existing projects. People love this one as it does save a lot of time during the rendering than most of the Frameworks. 


d) ember.js

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The introduction of this wide application area featuring a framework came in 2015. It is yet another open-source framework that is entirely based on MVC. For building up complex web applications and reducing majorly the load time, it is best to use this JavaScript framework for 2020. The best part is it supports 2-way data binding that just makes it a pretty reliable platform to handle technical coding work. There is stability, standardization as well as wider solutions to the client with the use of it.


e) Node.js

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This is yet another proud JavaScript cross-platform as well as an open-source program. Being lightweight and event-driven it helps to build up a server-side web application in real-time without any hassle. V8 engine developed by Google is being used in the making of the language which adds more professionalism. This one is gaining huge popularity day by day and most of the people are using it. Properties like threading, the formation of loops and packages like Java could be seen in this one as well because of Run time environment that it



f) Backbone.JS

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While thinking about the best JavaScript you definitely can forget to think about Backbone. For a structure code and lightweight script, Backbone is expected to deliver such performance. It runs on MVP and is a simple library for code reorganization. The idea behind it is all the server-side functioning has to flow through the API only then it would help in achieving complex functionalities by using less code into the writings. 


g) Meteor

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One most active framework that uses the MVC approach is Meteor. The name itself defines that covers the major area and a vast portion of the software development. This is the reason it is the most popular amongst all. Plus, the easy integration with other JavaScript like React, Angular and so on is so simple with this one. This does prove to be the fastest way to develop applications thanks to Meteor for the speed.


These are the top 7 JavaScript Framework for 2020. If you like read to read more, there are top guest posting sites that feature such information. 

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