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Tips on How to Adjust Weed Eater Carburetor without Special Tool

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Have you been using a weed eater for some time now? Is it behaving erratically and causing you problems? You are eventually going to have to adjust your weed eater carburetor at some point of time, hence read on to know more. 

String trimmer or gas-powered weed eater comes from factories pre-adjusted to work properly and render proper service. Sooner or later, the machine might start running a bit erratically. Luckily, it is not that difficult and complicated, and having special tools is not necessary for the weed eater carb adjustment, and you might be able to fix it with tools that you can find in your house. 

Before You Adjust the Carburetor

There can be various reasons for the erratic functioning of the carburetor. For that, you need to know how to adjust the carburetor on a weed eater. If it is sputtering or cutting poorly, the problem might be related to airflow. It is also advisable to check the spark plug and replace it if it is worn out. It is important that we perform these maintenance tasks first.

  • Finding the Carburetor:

Figure out where the carburetor is on the weed eater. Guess what, it is not that hard to find because of the fuel bulb which is used for priming. 

  • Fuel Adjustment Screws:

Once the carburetor has been located, you shall find two fuel adjustment screws on the sides, which would be labeled as ‘high’ and ‘low.’ Both of these screws work together. The ‘high’ adjustment screw ensures that the fuel into the engine is managed well while the ‘low’ adjustment screw ensures the gasoline flows at idle.

  • Warming the Machine up:

After the weed eater has started, it has to be heated up for the weed eater carb adjustments that have to be performed for it to be fixed and corrected. Also, you have to ensure that the head of the trimmer should not be spinning. Round trimming lines can become dry and brittle over time. To prevent this from occurring and to increase the life of the round line, simply store it in a sealed bag with a small amount of water.

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  • Controlling the Gas Cycle:

Ensure that the gas cycle has been made to run for a few minutes in the weed eater gas tank, the carburetor can be adjusted by turning the screws. You will have to begin with the ‘Lo,’ I.e., low, to see how the engine functions and adjust it when at idle. If the engine is idling in a rough manner, adjust the screw counter-clockwise to the point that it runs smoothly. Next in line comes the ‘Hi,’ i.e., high screw, and the string trimmer needs proper positioning so that it does not face anyone. Then, the throttle is to be locked when it is full. If you see that the engine sputters or appears rough, adjust the screw in a clockwise manner, one-fourth at a time, till it smoothens. 

  • Proper Gas-Oil Mixture: 

If you are about thinking, ‘the weed eater starts but dies when I give gas,’ the first and the simplest thing to do/see is to check if there is enough gas left in the tank. The next thing to check is to see if the primer bulb is filling properly. With that being done, not having the right kind of fuel – the type of the mixture might have caused the issue. It will allow the engine to start, but once it is revved, it will die. A proper weed eater gas oil mixture helps remove these kinds of problems.

  • Fuel stabilizers and Refuelling:

When it does come to gas-powered weed eaters or string trimmers, the problem lies with the quality and flow of fuel. This might not be known to many, but if there is a fuel stabilizer, then trimmers tend to have a healthy, grass ready engine. If you want to store it for long-term use, then make sure that you empty the fuel. Then you can start the engine and let the fuel run out entirely from the carburetor system. And when the next season comes, you can refuel, but it is imperative that you use a pre-mixed gas and oil production. 

  • Healthy, Working Engine: 

When it comes to the engine, issues can arise with the fuel filter, spark plug, and air filter. Located on the side of the machine, the air filter is covered with a plastic protecting it. For most of the string trimmers, they can be unscrewed by the hand, and that allows us to get to the air filter quite easily. We can then remove it to clean or replace it – as required. You should also check for the spark plug and clean or replace it if necessary. If the spark plugs have worn out or if they are in dire need of a good cleaning or a wash, then you can easily spot it if it has a burnt residue in the end. You can get to the spark plug by simply removing the boot that covers it by using a spark plug wrench. When it comes to the fuel filter if a weed eater starts okay but dies when throttled, it often indicates that there is restricted fuel flow. A fuel filter can get clogged with impurities to the point that it allows a small amount of fuel through (enough for starting and even idling) but won’t let it through at a rate sufficient to rev up. It’s worth checking this and cleaning the filter (or replacing it since they are so inexpensive). These add up to the fact that we have a properly functioning weed eater gas tank, which ensures the smooth running of the engine.

All of these add up to the fact as to how we keep on making the necessary weed eater carb adjustment that is needed from time to time. Having a proper weed eater carburetor adjustment tool with us also is a welcome help. A proper gas-powered weed eater reviews ensure whether everything is working properly. Ensure whether it is enough considering future implications and being deftly aware of electric vs. gas weed eater. This will be enough to ensure a clean, aesthetic lawn and a happy owner.

Author’s bio: Kay Burton is basically a plumbing specialist, an expert mechanic. He can repair everything that’s related to a house and garden. Thus, he can give you the top product reviews on drills, spanners, and much more. 


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