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Types of Electric Chainsaw

Types of Electric Chainsaw: It is essential to have a clear conception of the use that we will make of the chainsaw before purchasing since to a great extent, we will ensure that said device will fulfill its purpose.

We are very used to seeing gasoline chainsaws since they are the ones that have been longer between us and not everyone knows that there are other alternatives such as the electric chainsaw, which we will talk about on this page.

What are electric chainsaws?

Electric chainsaws are a great alternative to chainsaws with combustion engines under certain circumstances, which can save us money because electric chainsaws are usually cheaper.

Unlike a gasoline or diesel chainsaw, the electric chainsaw, as its name suggests, works through electricity, either connected to the current through a cable or through a battery.

This feature has a great advantage because we avoid inhaling fumes from fuel combustion, they are quieter and also cheaper since the price of electricity is lower than that of fuels.

As a feature to highlight, we can mention its low weight, being much lower than conventional combustion chainsaws. This greatly facilitates its use and allows it to be used for a longer time without getting tired.

Types of Electric Chainsaw

Electric chainsaw or gasoline? Chainsaw with battery or cable? Although it has been mentioned before, it is important to explain in more detail the main types of best cordless electric chainsaws and the advantages and disadvantages of both types.

Electric chainsaw with cable

This type of chainsaw has a cable integrated, which is necessary to be connected to the electric line to work.

These chainsaws can be considered somewhat immobile, but this drawback can easily be solved with the use of an electric extension cord with a sufficient length.

In the case of not having a nearby outlet, a portable power generator can be used.

Battery electric chain saw

This type of electric chainsaw is also known as a wireless chainsaw because it uses rechargeable batteries instead of being connected to the power line through a cable.

This provides great freedom of movement in front of the chainsaws with cable.

Therefore, the use of a chainsaw battery is similar to that of gasoline, with the advantage that it is cheaper to recharge the battery than the fuel tank and possible mechanical breakdowns of a combustion engine.

On the other hand, it is important to have several charged batteries, depending on how long the workday or the work we are going to carry out.

Advantages of an electric chainsaw

An electric chainsaw, either cable or battery, has a wide variety of advantages over a conventional chainsaw with a combustion engine.

That is why we have created a list of the main advantages of this type of chainsaw:

  • Easy to use: To use an electric chainsaw, you only need to connect it to the power outlet in the case of a chainsaw with a cable or connect a charged battery in case it is a battery powered chainsaw. It’s that simple You do not have to worry about refilling the fuel tank or pulling the rope until the engine starts. You just have to connect it, turn it on, and ready to work.
  • Lower weight Electric chainsaws, because they do not have a combustion engine with mechanical parts, weigh much less. To this must be added the additional decrease in the weight of the fuel when it is full.
  • Reduce “rifle butts”: Perhaps you have heard this expression as such, or maybe not. For those who do not, the «rifle butts» are the movement that the chainsaw makes towards the operator when he is cutting an object. Electric chainsaws, being less powerful than combustion, greatly reduces the violence of these movements.
  • Recovery time: When operating through electricity recovery times are much shorter, and it is not necessary to wait for it to cool before being recharged.
  • Easy start You will no longer have to pull the rope several times to start the engine, as with chainsaws with a combustion engine. You just have to press the “ON” button, and that’s it.
  • More silent: An electric chainsaw makes much less noise than a gasoline chainsaw. This feature is ideal if you usually use it at home or near people you can disturb.

Disadvantages of an electric chainsaw

  • Everything that glitters is not gold, so with this type of chainsaws, not everything is going to be an advantage. It has some disadvantages depending on the use we make. These are:
  • Limitation of cable or battery time: In the case of an electric chainsaw with cable, we must take into account the limitation of the length of this, so it will be of great importance to have an electric extension to reach those places that the cable does not allow. On the other hand, in the case of a battery-powered chain saw, we should consider having several recharged batteries in case the working time exceeds the battery’s autonomy.
  • It is not recommended for heavy work: This type of chainsaws is designed for homework, so it is not ideal for jobs with high demands throughout the working day in heavy work.

Are electric chain saws safer?

In general, we can say yes, as long as it has the necessary security features.

In addition, by not working by burning fuel, do not generate emissions of polluting gases that we have to breathe constantly during use.

Also, being these lighter, allows better handling and therefore reduces the risk of falling or we can not control it in any movement.

On the other hand, to put some snag, in the case that it is an electrical chainsaw with cable, we must take into account this to avoid possible trips and falls during use.

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