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December 1, 2020
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What is the Path of SQL Server Certification?

SQL Server certification is one of the most in-demand skills all across the world. Certification can validate your skills and take your career to the next level. Today in the IT industry anyone who has a deep interest in the database and wants to make his career in this field then this post will surely help you in grabbing your dream job. Here we will discuss SQL Server and the tools of SQL along with the details of Microsoft SQL Server certification. You can grab the job as SQL Server professional anywhere across the globe if you get certified.


SQL Server Certification

Many organizations and enterprises are using business-intelligence and big data for their business operations. To maintain deep databases and get deep insights from it to make important business decisions, SQL Server certification of Microsoft is most in-demand.

You can easily demonstrate your SQL knowledge by having a relevant certification. Even you can also secure a well-paying position as well. It can also prove that you can develop and maintain complex information solution and databases that can make it you a valuable asset of your organization.

Why take SQL Server Certification?

For the candidates who are seeking roles as database development administrator or analyst, database certification can be tangible proof of your dedication and skills to this field. Whether you want to pursue your existing job or looking for the best opportunities as a database expert, the most important concern is the dedication to the field.

However, certification can provide you professional credibility and important benefits to having appropriate certification. Just like other certification courses, SQL Server certification can provide you many benefits and hands-on experience of the tool. It can be an add-on advantage for your resume, as well.

Popular Certifications for SQL Server

Anyone who is seeking the best opportunities as a database administrator, developer, or analyst can apply and try to get the following certifications:

Popular Certifications for SQL Server

  1. Database Fundamental Certification

This certification is for entry-level professionals and is known as MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate) Course 40364 certification. Details of the certification are listed below:

Total Modules:

  1. Core Database Concepts
  2. Creation of Database Objects
  • Data Manipulation
  1. Data Storage Knowledge
  2. Data Administration Understanding


The prerequisite for this certification is basic or foundation knowledge of IT, or you should have basic knowledge and understanding of database administration fundamentals.

  1. MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Administration

This certification certifies your skills for database configuration, installation, provisioning, and maintenance. By having this certification you can either become an infrastructure specialist or database architect or developer.

Those candidates that do not have sufficient basic IT skills can also pursue MTA like certification and then prepare for the next level exam. Those who have basic experience of working as a database developer can skip MTA and directly appear in the MCSA exam.

The exam has majorly two modules; one is for Administrators, and the other is for provisioning. It covers topics like

  • SQL Server Security
  • Data Protection and Authorization
  • Data export and import
  • SQL Server monitoring
  • Backing up and restoring SQL Server database
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting SQL Server
  • Working with databases
  • SQL Server components
  • Maintenance
  • Deploying server on cloud


  1. Some database design experience
  2. Practical Knowledge of T-SQL
  • Experience of Database Design
  1. Knowledge of Relational Database

So, anyone who wants to have some advance level knowledge of the database or want to become a certified database administrator can apply for this certification.

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  1. MCSA: SQL2016 Business Intelligence Development

If you want to become a BI developer that may required ETL or export, transform and load skills, then this certification is for you. It also provides you the experience of BI solution implementation that, too, by using OLAP cubes and multidimensional data models.

This associate-level exam has the following major modules:

  • Introduction, planning, designing and implementation knowledge of Data Warehouse
  • Creation of ETL Solution
  • Troubleshooting and debugging of SSIS Package
  • Extending, deploying and configuring knowledge of SSIS package
  • Working knowledge with cubes and dimensions
  • To create multidimensional databases
  • Introduction to data analysis expression
  • Data mining and predictive analysis


  1. Microsoft Windows basic knowledge and its core functionalities
  2. Database Design experience
  • Relational database working knowledge

This certification certifies that the candidate has good knowledge of BI solution implementation by using OLAP cubes and multidimensional and tabular data models.

  1. MCSA or Microsoft Certified Solution Architect SQL Server 2012/2014 Certification

The database professionals that are working with SQL Server 2012 or 2014 can apply for this certification. It verifies everything related to database operations, including creation, management, deployment and administration of data warehouse. The professionals try and appear for the associate-level exam, and they have to learn and practice for the following modules:

  • Use of DML and Data Modification queries
  • Introduction to T-SQL
  • Use of Set operator
  • Experience of writing SELECT queries and subqueries
  • To query data with stored procedures
  • Implementation of error handling and transactions
  • Use of Window ranking, aggregate and offset functions
  • Use of DML and Data modification queries
  • Use of Group and Aggregation functions

The questions and modules for administration and implementation are separate. You will also have to study them separately, and they include the following topics:

  • Installation and configuration of SQL Server 2014
  • Monitoring and tracing of SQL Server activities
  • Managing, auditing, performing, monitoring of SQL
  • Creation of ETL solutions with SSIS
  • Control Flow Implementation

Prerequisites of the Certification

  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Windows and its core functionalities
  • Table creation, designing, and normalization experience
  • To query with T-SQL
  • Some understanding of business priorities
  • To know business priorities, financial accounting, revenues and profitability
  • Minimum 2 Years of working experience with a relational database.

This certification can certify that the holder is a top performer of database technology and can handle a management-based role as well.

Cost of Microsoft SQL Server Certification

Well, now it might be clear to you that to validate your SQL knowledge, you should earn SQL certification. It can stump your knowledge and make you a well-performed employee of database professionals.

SQL certification course may range from $1,785 to $2,975. Depending on the type of certification the cost and duration of the exam may vary. The cost of the exam is around $165, and the professionals of various countries can schedule the exam as per their time zone and pay in their currency. The certification is quite recognized even in the well recognized top MNCs, including Genpact, Cognizant, Wipro, Standard Chartered, Sony and Tata Communication, etc.

Final Path to the Certification

Microsoft certifications are available for both fresh level and expert database professionals. MTA or Microsoft Technology Associate certifications are perfect for entry-level professionals, while MCSA and MCSE or Microsoft Certified Solution Associate and Microsoft Certified Solution Expert certifications and perfect for the advanced level professionals.

By getting more certifications you can get more senior-level positions in your organization. So, fulfill the prerequisites and get certified in your favorite technology today.

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