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September 18, 2020

Why Cricket Is the Greatest Game of All


Cricket stands tall in the list being the most famed& the most watched sport, compared to any other sports in India. Though it doesn’t come under the national sport of the country but has ruled the heart of us Indians for years now!

The most valuable memory of each and every home in India is sitting together in front on the widescreen TV, watching the most thrilling World Cup match and cheering the Indian team. Not just the millennial generation, but kids and elderly people, too accompany for this thrilling and fascinating sports event. As it’s just not a sport now, but a Religion. The craze of cricket is such that, we watch one match and discuss it for the rest of the week.

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Remember the day when Sachin scored his 100th Century against Bangladesh? The craziest record ever made which is just too hard to nail.  For those who have seen it live, it is for them the best day to remember in the history of cricket. It goes without saying cricket obsession is the only obsession that is good for health. A reason to talk, cherish & discuss, that’s what keeps you busy all the time when you enjoy Cricket.


Cricket is a mixture of fitness, courage & strength. The foot walks like a cat, an eye of the eagle & accuracy of a master in accountant all blends together in shaping a Perfect Cricketer. It involves skills & nerves to tackle out the hardest game on the field. Proper team planning, long term strategy, as well as patience, is a few traits every Cricketer has in them.

There are games that give you more than what Cricket possible provides, more speed, power & strength, but this game actually works as an all-round development. From physical fitness to utilizing your instinct at the right time, that is how it works with SPORTS.

Furthermore, it’s not just about Men into sports; women have made a prominent position in Sports as well. There is an Indian women’s national cricket named nicknamed as “Women in Blue”, encouraging women to show out their sportiness, and not just restrict themselves into cooking or a 9 to 5 job.

Overall, the love for cricket is beyond imagination and truly not expressible in some words. So, are you excited for the 2019 Cricket World Cup?

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