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October 27, 2020
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Women and Men Soccer. How different are they?


As you might get higher into the category of sports there is basically no difference in terms of altitude from players which will leave many in doubt if women and men play soccer differently. After watching the just passed FIFA women’s world cup and see the way they perform, the question comes up, what is the difference between women and men soccer. This topic has been more talked about and sports experts have reported that women soccer games are smoother and often the games are not as interrupted as males playing, with women, there are always very few injuries and fouled players as compared to men soccer. Meanwhile, some people will say women deserve a big shout out for they have really proved themselves and are now pioneers.

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Experience and technical skills are mostly recorded in men’s soccer, the vast majority of players are the top at all levels even the defenders and are skillful enough to top the women but that’s been driven by the ability to play longer which on the side of women don’t have that much stamina to resist long play or exert that much power on the pitch. Also, men play faster and they run more like for example Micheal Bradley of the US male team played in extreme heat conditions but could run for an average speed of 7 miles per game in the Brazil 2014 tournament. Male soccer and male players, in general, have a lot of money and resources involved in their sports which means male soccer are paid higher even though it is due to their performance but too much as compared to female soccer, we can even look at the fact that many female soccer have second jobs in which they are fully involved in but that is not the case with male soccer category.

Men are more ready for sports as compared to women, now most male soccer fixtures are made very close and preparation time is not always long, so they can use a very short time to get ready. Women are given time even though it might be sometimes narrow but not as often as with males.
With female goalkeepers the goal size is the same as with the men but generally females tend to be shorter and have less exposure when it comes to jumping so they stay closer to the goal preventing them from lobbed shot but male goalkeepers walk away from their goal which always leaves some receiving ball over the top, into the goal by a good striker.

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Females are more genuine in gameplay and are less dominated by ego which makes them accept their mistakes easily as compared to men who claim false fouls sometimes with the intention to hasten match time. Women play soccer slower we can take the biological reason being that they have smaller lungs which and only hold little oxygen and because both men and women soccer games are 90 minutes, women get exhausted. Let’s have a glance at officiating in both women and men soccer, in all sports we find referees and coaches complain and the women area is still growing because you become a good referee by refereeing good teams which play interesting soccer in tight matches but there are not a lot of those in female soccer so far. So which do you think the audience will love more?

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