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Woolen shoes

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The exclusive, high-quality woolen shoe supplier utilizing 100 % characteristic and legitimate fleece, Woolen Slipper, is one of the most elegant items made by us. It will give extraordinary warm to your feet during low temperatures. Woolen Slipper is very lightweight and agreeable to utilize it. The high caliber of our Woolen Slipper and the comfortable hide gives warmth on the virus winter days. It is ideal for those excruciating and rankled feet as well.

We have slick and agreeable, carefully assembled woolen shoes that keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer. Made in our assortment with heaps of care and made from the best ordinary fleece purchased from Himalayans creatures. We produce broad scopes of Woolen Slippers come in numerous styles, plans, hues and are of unparalleled quality.

On the off chance that you were a well off or white-collar class lady living around the hour of the Revolution, you most likely possessed a couple of calamanco shoes. Like tennis shoes or dark siphons today, calamancos were the ordinary footwear of early life: down to earth apparel things that can uncover a lot about the everyday lives—and goals—of their proprietors.

Our Woolen Slipper is intended to last and have a supreme quality that is clear from the minute they leave their pack. Hand weaved Woolen Slipper are very tough and agreeable to wear. We likewise produce Woolen Slipper as per our client’s plan and hues.

Woolen shoes for various kinds of benefits


The woolen shoes keep your feet comfortable and warm and are perfect allies for the colder season! These house shoes are hand knitted and made of bright wads of fleece. Woolen shoes are usual attire and well-known trinkets of explorers in the higher mountain areas.

We’ve grouped for you a pleasant assortment with the goal that you can arrange these popular house shoes just in our shop. Woolen shoes can likewise be worn as socks and are appropriate for open to waking at home because of the flexible sole that offers space for development. Everybody who likes to walk shoeless in summer will adore these house shoes for wintertime.

With each pair of shoes you buy, you will give another pair of shoes to a youngster out of luck. The woolen shoe is perfect for keeping you warm and comfortable while puttering around the kitchen or taking your pet for a walk. Simple slip-on structure. Delicate artificial shearling lining and footed for included warmth. Sturdy elastic outsole for indoor or outside wear.Incorporates blessing boxes Imported estimations: Weight: 8 Oz Product estimations were taken utilizing size nine width B – Medium. It will be ideal if you note that opinions may fluctuate by size. The weight of footwear depends on a solitary thing, not a couple.

For any individual who has ever looked for the ideal pair of movement footwear to get to and through the air terminal, while keeping toes warm on the plane, here is an answer.

Welcome to bring more hues and delight into your day by day schedules. Try not to be shocked if you need to respond to the inquiry, “Where did you get these?” hundreds of times each day. 100% unique and select on the planet.

– Mix and Match Your Favorite Color Blocks, select One Color for Exterior and One Color for Interior of a shoe.

– You can blend untreatedhues in with Dyed fleece hues.

– You can make shading hinders from Untreated hues or/and normally Dyed fleece hues.

– You can likewise pick just one shade of fleece, and we will make Mono Color fleece boots or felt shoes.

At the point when you travel, you seek to keep that ideal parity of solace and style. There is nothing more regrettable than sitting on a long trip in awkward garments or having cold feet on the plane. These delightful, very agreeable fleece boots by Felt Forma have changed how you travel. In addition to the fact that they slip directly off at security, they additionally keep your feet warm for the flight and are sufficiently large if your feet swell while being at high height.

Do you live in atmospheres that get cooler? Do you feel a test to keep your feet warm, stable, and in fashion without a moment’s delay, while strolling, and investing energy in new winter climate?


How about we make something genuinely interesting.

Woolen shoes exhibit the first tweak of your 100% natural fleece footwear. Boundless fleece hues to blend and match your own. The most recent idea of woolen shoes the manageable fleece shoes and boots that are planned and custom carefully assembled by a group of expert and gifted fleece felting aces who make each pair by hand and love what they do.

At the point when our general surroundings are in a rush and packed with nondescript large scale manufacturing, we are going the other way: innovation, slow assembling, and individual client relations with the creator matter.

When making woolen shoes and felt shoes, we utilize the customary (antiquated, more than numerous years old) unique, consistent fleece felting procedure. Every fleece shoe is made by hands from an entire bit of regular fleece utilizing just unadulterated (high temp) water. No weaving or sewing. What occurs with a coat in felting? Fleece felting is finished by pounding or other mechanical tumults as the little thorns on the outside of fleece strands snare together. Fleece is enchantment!

We welcome you to become familiar with this new idea of natural adjustable fleece footwear and contribute what You can to get it going. How about we make something genuinely interesting. Together!

Custom prerequisites of every client and correspondence matter. Hand making is a reasonable procedure, in contrast to large scale manufacturing. Perfect fit as specific components, especially make it off your foot. It justified, despite all the troubles. One can feel our lords’ endeavors, the warmth of hands, and love. We make things for individuals who care about how things are made.

every day is the perfect day for wool shoes  We are fascinated with standard fleece. The woolen shoes making process begins from the cautious choice of the materials. We make fleece footwear from the Highest Quality Eco-accommodating and Natural sheep fleece, that has been dealt with usually and with no brutal synthetic compounds included.

Natural fleece still has some lanolin left, even a couple of staples of greenery or straw left in the woolen shoes, yet it is so alive contrasted with synthetically treated fleece. Also, the item is a genuine joy for the feet – breathable, warm, and completely common.

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